Tuesday, April 8, 2014

weekend recap

I'm a little late on our weekend recap! Better late than never! ;)

This weekend, our church hosted a College Girls Retreat. I helped plan and prepare for the weekend, so last week was fun and busy as we worked on all the details for this weekend! 

This was my table group for the weekend! These girls spent the night at my house on Friday night. They were so much fun! I loved having them in our home this weekend! 

I got to speak to the entire group on Saturday about finding our identity in Christ. I was thankful for the opportunity to share with all of the girls. It was a fun retreat!

I stayed at church for a little while after the retreat was over to get ready for another event on Sunday. Once I left church I parked it on my couch with Slims and did not move the rest of the afternoon. 

While I was having fun here, Josh and the kids spent Friday night and Saturday at Josh's parents house fishing and hanging out with his parents. They got home late Saturday night! 

Sunday was Kids Day at our church and the Preschool Ministry theme for the day was Frozen. Jillian was beyond excited to get to dress-up as Anna!

Anna and Anna…Jillian and her sweet friend, Addison! 

Jillian and Baylen…This Olaf costume was so cute! 

Annas and Elsas! 

And all good weekends include homemade chocolate chip cookies! ;)

I hope you all are having a great week!