Thursday, April 10, 2014

Girls Night Out

Our couples small group from church meets weekly in our home on Wednesday nights, but last night we decided to have a girls/guys night instead of meeting together! 

The girls all met at Junque 2 Jewel, which is a local place that does craft classes/parties. We opted to do spring door hangers as our craft. It was SO much fun!

Ashleigh, Brittany and Melissa

Stacey and Meredith

The craft parties are 3 hours long, so Melissa made dinner for us so we could eat and craft. She made Pampered Chef Mediterranean pizza and it was SO good! 

I opted to do an "F" for our door so that I could keep it up through spring and summer. It took me a sweet forever to decide what I wanted to paint on it! Ha!

Shannon kept her "S" neutral to match her house decor. It was distressed white and was so cute! 

We spent a good amount of time at the drying station between each layer of paint! Such a good trick for quickly drying paint. 

Stacy did a paisley stencil on her door hanger. They had tons of stencil options there to choose from! 

All of the girls with our finished door hangers!

My finished door hanger. I really love the way it turned out!  

Such a fun night! I'm thankful for these girls and the opportunity to do life with them!

Happy Thursday!  


Linds said...

how fun! I have wanted to go there for a while-- trying to convince other friends to go with me so I don't feel like a crafting loner though... ha!

Maryellen said...

Great job - your craft turned out lovely. What a fun evening with girlfriends.

Lauren and Eddie said...

Isn't that fun? A friend of mine is SO creative and had her daddy cut out "peep" bunnies for us last weekend. Mine looks almost exactly like your F. So fun!

Julie Scott said...

So fun! What do you do with the kids when y'all meet in your home on Wednesday nights??

brittany parrott said...

I'm pretty sure i pinned this f on pinterest not even realizing it was yours! one of my fave blogs, I've been behind on!