Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Past Few Weeks in iPhone Pictures

I thought I would share just a few pictures of what we have been up to this month. I cannot believe it is almost April! These past few months have flown by quickly at our house! I never have enough time for everything, but I did want to have a few pictures from March posted on here!

Jillian went for her first teeth cleaning this month. She did great and had no cavities!

We've had lunch with Brody at school a couple of times this month. Jillian loves getting to visit him there! 

This was a book Brody made at preschool and brought home a few weeks ago. It's about why he loves America. Hilarious! 

We had an ice cream date a couple of weeks ago. I love having a yogurt place so close to our house, although that might be a problem this summer! ;)

We had a fellowship night for our Women's Ministry a couple of weeks ago. It was a great night with almost 150 women! I was so busy that night that I forgot to take any pictures. I'm still loving where the Lord has me at our church and thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. 

Brody's school had "Morning with Moms" two weeks ago. We ate donuts and walked through the school art walk. Brody made this cute little frog! 

Dinner with these friends (and our husbands) one Friday night this month. We had such a great night! 

Josh's birthday was on Thursday. We celebrated most of the week! This was a cake I had for our small group on Wednesday night. We are still hosting it on our home and enjoy having friends in our home each week (even if I frantically clean the house most Wednesdays). ;) 

Josh's parents came to visit this weekend and we celebrated Josh's birthday and my birthday with them. This cake is from our favorite central Arkansas bakery. It's the same bakery our wedding cakes were from and it is the same flavor as my wedding cake. It was SO good!

I got my hair cut off this weekend. It feels much better! 

Brody thinks everything is a sword right now. Seriously hilarious! 

Jillian is always laughing! 

We are on Spring Break this week and are enjoying extra downtime with no schedules. It's getting me excited for summer! Happy Wednesday! 


Christy said...

I love your hair. Brody's comment about America is so cute!

Linds said...

your hair looks awesome! And Brody is so grown up! (we're having the same sword obsessions here. That and random ninja moves... ALL THE TIME).

Courtney said...

Great photos! Hey what is the name of the bakery in central Arkansas? I live in central Arkansas and I love visiting bakeries. :)

Ashley said...

Which bakery in central Arkansas?

Hilary Jose said...

Are Jillian's bows from One Stop Bow Shop? They are so darling! I was curious what size? I bought my daughter some larges but I think I need to go bigger - jumbo? or xlarge jumbo? hehe I think the big ones are fun!