Monday, March 3, 2014

our weekend

The big news at our house this weekend is that this little cutie finally decided to write her name by herself! We have been working on this with no success for quite a while. It finally clicked (aka: she decided to not be stubborn) and she wrote her name by herself. I feel a little better about preschool this fall. ;) She was so proud!!

My sweet friend, Katie, has been helping me decorate my dining room (it has only had a table and chairs in it, and we'e lived here over a year). Katie is so incredibly talented! This is a little sneak peek at the rug that arrived this weekend. I cannot wait to see the room completely finished. Katie just launched a new website this weekend. Make sure and check her out! She does design boards over email, so you don't have to be in Arkansas to use her. 

Josh was in Los Angeles all week and then spent the weekend at a men's conference at our church, so I had a lot of quality time with our two cuties. The kids and I had a lot of fun Friday night. We ate pizza, watched a movie, and played. 

We played pirates on Saturday morning! Little Izzy was using this box as her boat. 

Saturday night, we had a belated birthday celebration at my parents' house for my birthday that was 2 weeks ago. Jillian asked my mom to get me a Frozen cake. It turned out so cute!

And my dad thought it would be fun to bunch all 29 candles together like a little mini bonfire! Just a normal night for my family…

I successfully blew this out!

Josh and Elliott. She is getting so big!! 

 We got more winter weather on Sunday. It sleeted and snowed all day! Once we got home from church Sunday morning, we baked cookies. Those are a staple at our house on snow days. 

These two played so well together all afternoon and evening. Cuties! 

Hope you have a great week! We are looking forward to spring!!


Nancy said...

Can't wait to see the finished room. Jillian reminds me of my little Kenlee. I think they would have the best time together!

Brittany said...

Funny on the cake…can't wait to see your dining room. I need inspiration bad!