Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

Well, nothing like starting off the new year with a Christmas recap! ;)

We had a great Christmas! Josh was off work for 10 days straight and we were able to spend a lot of great time together as a family. I was so grateful for the extra time together and all the sweet memories we made together. 

We started Christmas on Thursday, the 20th, with a trip to central Arkansas to stay with Josh's family. Josh's sister and her husband flew in from Colorado, so it was fun that we were all together. The kids had a great time and loved playing with all of their new toys! 

We got to see Julee and Preslee while we were down there, too! They only live about 40 minutes from Josh's parents so they came up to see us on Friday evening. We loved getting to see them!

We spent Christmas Eve at our church's Christmas Eve Service. We took both kids into the service this year for the first time. 

I love this sweet picture of Brody and Josh during the service. 

Our pastor had the kids come to the front during the service for the Christmas story. 

 That night, we made cookies for Santa, wrote notes to leave Santa, and read the story of Christ's birth in the Bible before bedtime. 

We always spend Christmas morning at our house…just the 4 of us. It's one thing we started from the beginning of our marriage, when it was just the two of us. I love those sweet mornings as a family of 4.

Doc McStuffins gave lots of check-ups Christmas morning! 

Taking her new princess bike for a spin around the house. 

After lots of fun with our new toys, we had pancakes for breakfast. Josh has been making these every Christmas morning for our kids and they love our fun, little tradition. 

Later that afternoon, we headed to my parents house for a late lunch and gifts. 

My grandmother came up for Christmas and enjoyed getting to spend time with all 3 of her great grandchildren! And it was sweet Elliott's (Cuzin Wuzin in our house) First Christmas. 

Our kids were given this fun, dune racer from my parents! It's the perfect size for them to ride together. 

This girl is a bit of a crazy driver, but has so much fun! I make them both wear helmets when they ride it now. :) 

I'm thankful for a wonderful Christmas with both of our families. We are so blessed and had a great time over the break, but are looking forward to a New Year with lots of fun, new memories!

Happy Friday! 


Sarah Wyland said...

Such a sweet Christmas! I love Jillian's outfit in the first photo - so festive!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

What a great Christmas for your sweet family! Y'all are so much fun! and 10 days off for Josh sounds amazing!

Lindsey said...

My husband was off for 10 days straight too and it was glorious. I loved having so much family time together. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love your sweet pictures.
I hate to be the annoying person asking where you got this and that but I am LOVING Jillian's baby doll seat on her bike, that is adorable!!!! Did it come with the bike or did you buy it separate?

Nancy said...

Beautiful pics! Your parents look so young! I know they are so proud of you & your sister!
Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Happy 2014!

Hillary said...

sounds perfect! Your family is so precious! I have a picture SO similar to yours of Jillian with her candle!

Happy 2014 to you!

Sarah said...

We always have Christmas morning in our home, just our family, too. It was important to us and I love our kids being able to wake up in their own beds and have our own time before we join up with other family!

Becky Branch said...

What a wonderful Christmas just love watching your family grow! have a blessed 2014!!!