Sunday, December 8, 2013

Let it snow!

We have been in a winter wonderland around here since Thursday. We had ice on Thursday followed by about 9 inches on snow on Friday! 

The kids enjoyed having their picture taken in the snow, but they didn't try playing in it since it was SO SO cold and windy outside. After a couple of minutes of pictures, they were ready to go inside!

Jillian had on gloves, but I'm not sure where they ended-up while we took pictures. :) 

Josh had to go into work both days, so after he got home last night, he and Brody went sledding! It was too dark for me to take any pictures but they had a great time! 

I have loved these snow days, minus a few moments of cabin fever! The kids and I have had so much fun hanging out in our pajamas by the fire. I think this time of year naturally becomes such a busy time and is often so rushed. I enjoyed being forced to slow down a bit and just spend some extra time with my little family. 

Making cookies on Friday morning. Jillian has a love for polka dot on polka dot! 

Both kids have played a ton with our Little People Nativity. 

Daddy made snow ice cream for the kids on Friday night. They loved it! Snow ice cream grosses me out. :) 

Saturday, we broke out of the house for a couple of hours for lunch! 

We spent Saturday night playing cards and eating pizza at the Greens house with the Fites. We all live pretty close to each other so it was easy to get between our houses. We all had a lot of fun!

We went to church this morning and are back home ready for another snow day tomorrow.

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


Laura said...

Loved all your snow pics! Stay warm!!

Katie said...

We are loving these snow days, too! Love Jillian's polka dot on polka dot. ; )