Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun

 Today was a day full of Thanksgiving fun with our kids!

This morning, Brody's PreK did a Thanksgiving program during their weekly chapel time. It was such a cute program and all the kids did a wonderful job! I think I mentioned last week in a blog post that each child chose an indian name for this program. They used their name with their picture prior to the start of the program. Brody was "Roaring Thunder".

Brody did a great job singing and remembering hand motions. 

Between the songs, Brody would check to make sure his feather was still attached and he would start whistling. He just learned to whistle and it's his new hobby! ;)

Jillian had her Thanksgiving Feast at Mother's Day Out during lunchtime today. Parents were invited to attend, so I went to hang out with our girl! 

She made a pilgrim hat and an indian hat and kept changing out the 2 during her party. 

Jillian's teacher had each child tell her what they were thankful for and this is what Jillian was thankful for. 

Today was such a fun day. I love being a mom, but days like today make being a mom even more special! 
We are so thankful for all the wonderful people who help teach, guide and grow our kids. Sunday morning teachers, school teachers, and Bible study teachers...everyone of them has such a great influence and impact on our children. We are grateful! 

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