Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking-up with the girls hosting 5 on Friday this week! 

{One} Josh and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Sunday! It's hard to believe it's already been 6 years since this perfect day...

We looked young and well-rested! ;)

We snuck away for a couple of days to Big Cedar this past weekend. We went on Thursday of last week and came back on Saturday afternoon. We stayed in this cute little cabin and had such a great time. 

Our pretty view of Table Rock Lake

It was nice to press pause on life, take a deep breath, and relax for a couple of days. We ate at several great restaurants, watched lots of football by the fire, and slept-in until 7:30. Why can't I sleep late anymore? Pre-kid Jennifer would be so disappointed!

The nightly cookies from the cookie ladies may have been one of the highlights of the weekend. ;) If only I could get someone to deliver nightly cookies to our house! 

{Two} Are any of you doing the Thanksgiving study with Good Morning Girls? I started it a couple of days late, but have enjoyed the reading plan and gratitude journal so much this week. I'm always amazed at my perspective change when I focus my heart on gratitude. If you haven't joined in on the reading plan, you should definitely check it out! :) 

 {Three} This cute girl right here has SO much personality. Seriously, she is so hilarious and so stinking cute, but the combination of her large personality and the terrific threes might take years off of my life. Her strong will is unbreakable, and she has entirely too many opinions of her own. I'm thankful this is just a season. :) 

{Four} Brody's PreK has a Thanksgiving program this coming week that they have been practicing for lately. From what Brody has told me, they were each given Indian names for this play. He has asked me to call him by his Indian name this week...Rolling Thunder. Jillian chimmed-in and told us she had an Indian name she wanted to be called as well...Sophia Butterfly. :) 

{Five} Mondays are my days with just Brody. This week, he wanted to go to the library and check-out some books about the Titanic and about battleships. He is currently obsessed with both topics. He was so excited about going that we got there before the library even opened. :) Josh and I both went through phases when we were younger where we were obsessed with the Titanic. {This was pre-Titanic movie} At least we know Brody came by it honestly. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


Jennifer said...

So funny that your love for Titantic is being passed down. Your getaway looks like a fabulous place especially those cookies. Believe it or not, a man just started a warm cookie delivery business in Nashville. Read about it in the paper- maybe he is on to something!

Mommarazzi said...

Can I have info about your leggings in your cookie pic please maam!
Love them and that cabin looks amazing!

Brandi said...

That cabin looks soooo awesome!!! That's my kinda getaway!!!