Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking-up with the girls behind 5 on Friday today!

{One} Brody's PreK had a mobile pumpkin patch come to school this week. They brought a big trailer full of corn for them to play in while they were there. Parents were able to come to school during their time with the mobile pumpkin patch, so I ran by school that afternoon and watched all the fun. Brody had a great time playing and picking a pumpkin! 

{Two} We had a fun night of Trick-Or-Treating last night! Iron Man and Ariel collected a lot of candy and had a lot of fun! 

Brody and Jillian's friend, Cilla, invited us over for a little Halloween party after trick-or-treating. Her parents own a cupcake shop so she had lots of yummy cupcakes and treats. We had a great time!! 

{Three} My very talented friend, Kelsey, took some family pictures of us last week! We got the picture gallery this week and I'm in love with all the sweet pictures she captured of our family. The kids were much more cooperative this year and Kelsey did an amazing job of capturing their personalities. 

I will share more from our session soon! :)

{Four} Elliott is hanging out with Jillian and me for a few hours today. Jillian played dress-up with her this morning! I died laughing when I walked through the living room and saw this! 

Jillian calls Elliott "cousin wuzin". ;)

{Five} This Sunday is a BIG Sunday for our church campus! We are moving our services to Fayetteville High School arena for this one Sunday so that we can have one worship service together. Our Fayetteville campus has grown so much over the past {almost} 3 years that we have 4 worship services each Sunday. This will be the first time we have all worshipped together in one service. It's going to be a great day, and we are expecting God to do big things! If you are local and don't have a place to worship on Sunday, come join us! For more info visit our website:

Have a great weekend!!


Erin said...

oh goodnesss... love love love the family photos!!

Elizabeth said...

Your family photos are gorgeous!!

Mary Woods said...

Love your family pictures!! We're your booties from? I was just looking for a pair today.

Emily [Louisiana Bride] said...

I am dying over that poor baby in a wig:)

Love your family pics!!

Alex and Jill said...

Love the family pics…beautiful! And that pic of Elliott has me laughing. I love Jillian!! HAHA!

Kelly Stamps said...

That picture of Elliot is killing me!!!!!!!!!

And your family pictures are GORGEOUS!