Monday, October 21, 2013

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Hey y'all! I cannot believe it has been a month since I last blogged! This fall has been fast and furious, and somewhere along the way our blog took a backseat to all other things. There are just seasons like that and I'm totally ok with the break, but I have missed blogging, and I have so many things I want to share just so we have the memories recorded. Until I get around to that, here are a few pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday. :)

Brody is looking so big! He turned 5 a couple of weeks ago. I'm not even sure how that is possible!

Cuties sitting on pumpkins in the pumpkin patch! 

My sister, Brandon and Elliott met us there. I love seeing these 3 together even if Elliott did not look too thrilled about spending the afternoon with us. ;)

We visit this pumpkin patch each year and the kids love it. We bought several pumpkins for our front porch.

Our little family. Love them so! 

Happy Monday!! Hopefully I will be back again before next month! ;)


Erin said...

Love seeing all the different pumpkin patches out there and all the smiles on the kids faces.. Such a fun time of year :) Great photos!!

Desiree Lynn said...

Such cute little pumpkins! ;) Fall is always an extremely busy time for us too. You want to record the memories but are too busy making them to do it hehe.

Kelsey said...

What a fun day! As bad as it is to say this, seeing your niece with an upset face makes me feel a lot better.......normal! I have a 9 week old and am having a hard time and feeling like I am doing everything wrong! I am a first time mom and seeing other babies ALWAYS content had me down! Thanks for sharing the picture even though she wasn't perfectly content at that moment!

mohamed abdo said...