Wednesday, October 30, 2013

celebrating Jillian

We had a great time celebrating Jillian's 3rd birthday in September! Since we had a joint farm themed party for Brody and Jillian, we did a Sophia the First themed family party for Jillian the weekend of her birthday. 

She called the purple petunias on our porch her "Sophia plant". :) 

Lots of purple and white for our little princess! 

The cake with purple and white candles! The little hole at the bottom is where Jillian stuck her finger in the cake for a bite of icing. ;)

Making a wish! 

Jillian's birthday was on a Sunday morning. We had gifts and balloons in the living room to greet her when she woke-up that morning. 

Josh made a donut run early that morning so we could celebrate the 3-year-old with a pink sprinkled donut! {Brody's face makes me laugh! He was singing "Happy Birthday"! }

Opening her gifts! 

After church, Jillian and I went on a little date to Target to shoe shop! Popcorn was involved. :)

 We ended her special day with her favorite dinner and cupcakes and Birthday Party ice cream. 

How did this baby girl grow so quickly?? We have had so much fun these past 3 years!! 


Erin said...

So fun... Hope she had a wonderful 3rd Birthday.. Love her party dress :)

Not So Newlyweds said...

Love the purple! I cannot believe how much she's grown since her 2nd birthday. Such a little lady :)

Laura said...

A girl after my own heart! My favorite color is purple!

Rosemary said...

She is soooo beautiful!!!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful girl! I remember when she was born and it seems impossible that was 3 years ago. Love all the purple!