Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jillian Kate!

Our precious Jillian Kate, 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 3 years ago tonight, at 11:58PM, you made a very exciting entrance into our lives and into our hearts! I remember the moment we laid eyes on all 9 pounds of you...I knew from that point on that our family would never be the same! 

You have brought SO much joy and laughter to our home the past 3 years. You are witty, sassy and smart. You know exactly how to use your personality to your advantage. Everyone we know comments on how hilarious you are, and boy, are they right!

You have a BIG imagination! You live-out some great adventures in your imaginary world. Your imagination has caused you to change your first name three different times this past year. You went through a phase where you only answered to KiKi and you thought you were a rock star. Then, you asked that we only call you Rosy. Most recently, you were only answering to the name Wanda. It was a little weird to call you Wanda, but we all get pulled into your imaginary world. :) I hope that you are always a big dreamer and always have an adventurous spirit!

You love life! You seem to enjoy anything and everything we do, and almost every day you say it was the "best" or "favorite" or "greatest" day. You really soak-up every minute of the fun! You get so excited about things that you can hardly handle it! We love experiencing all kinds of fun right along with you!

You are so loving, affectionate and caring. You are kind and generous (at least with toys and snacks). We love this about you!  

We had enjoyed every minute watching you grow from a toddler into a sweet little girl this year! You a such a little doll! You love all things girly and spend most of your day in dress-up clothes. You hate pants and shorts, and I usually have to bribe you to get you to wear anything besides a dress. You look so dainty and girly, but you are a little spitfire! :)

You are fearless! It's amusing and terrifying! I've found you climbing on almost everything in our house this year. You went through a phase of climbing-up the shelves of the refrigerator. Your goal was always to sit on the top of the fridge. I often find you standing on random things around the house. You also like to climb onto the counter and then jump when we aren't ready to catch you. You will try anything without fear of failure. I hope you never let fear get in the way of accomplishing all God has planned for you life. 

You love your brother SO much! He is the first person you look for when you wake-up in the mornings. I have always looked forward to when you were 2 and Brody was 4. I knew it would be such a fun year...and it was so fun! You two have become the best of friends! You also fight a lot. I know it's part of it. You two together are a dream come true. You've loved each other well this year and encouraged each other in different ways. I'm thankful Brody has you as his sister! 

You learned so many new things this year! We couldn't be more proud of you! 

You are pure JOY!! My heart could burst when I think about how much I love you! You are a daily reminder of God's goodness and grace in our lives. I could have never dreamed of a daughter who was more perfect for our family than you. 

Happy, happy birthday, precious girl! What a wonderful day to celebrate you! Here's to year 4....I cannot wait!

I love you!


Pam said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I was glad to see this blog this morning as I've missed you.

Giggles said...

Happy birthday from Texas!!

Lauren & Eddie said...

I cannot believe that she's three. I've been following along since before she was born and it doesn't feel like it's been that long! She is precious! Hope your birthday was wonderful, Wanda!