Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm happy to be linking-up with the girls behind 5 on Friday after missing the past few weeks!

{One} One of the local jewels in our town in a little store called Riffraff! It's one of the highlights of our little downtown square. Over the past couple of years, this adorable town favorite has grown into a huge online/FB boutique! They sell the cutest clothes, shoes, jewelry and home decor! And because their owner, Kirsten, and the Riffraff Girls are so awesome, they made a code for all of you to shop with an extra 10% off!! Shop online at shop enter the code FRANCIS at checkout! They ship anywhere is the US. I love shopping on their website and I live 10 minutes from their store. :) Who doesn't love to shop from their couch in their pajamas?? 

My kids' love Riffraff, too! They go straight for the sunglasses display anytime we shop! 

Make sure you follow them on Instagram and Twitter to keep-up with all their cuteness and great sales! 

{Two} I just finished a freezer meal swap with a group of friends. I think we have been doing this every few months for the last 2 years. I especially love the swap in the fall. It seems like our schedules are extra packed this time of year, so it's always nice to have a home-cooked meals with out having to worry about cooking dinner. 

I posted about the swap on Instagram and a few people wanted details, so here is what we do: 
We either make one or two recipes each, depending on how many people participate. This time we had 9 families so we each made only one recipe. We each made 9 of the same recipe (we kept one for ourselves and took 8 to the swap). So if I was making lasagna, I would make 9 pans of lasagnas. We all are on an email group and share what we are each making so that there are no recipe duplicates. We store freeze the food in either gallon zip lock bags or in the foil disposable pans. We write thawing and cooking instructions on the outside of the bag or pan. We each cook in our own homes and then decide a time and house to meet at to swap. We take our frozen meals and then swap so that we all come home with 8 meals. It's awesome! 

Here are a few other posts I have done on meal swaps that include some recipes and other details: 
Freezer Meal Swap Recipes-4 {bottom of post}

{Three} We are celebrating the kids' birthdays this weekend with a few of their close friends! I've never done a double party, but decided to try it this year. Brody and Jillian have birthdays 2.5 weeks apart. It was exhausting to plan 2 parities 2 weeks apart each year. I'm hoping a double party will be fun for them!

{Four} I'm excited about the Kari Jobe concert happening at one of our church campuses this weekend! This will be my first time to hear her live! If you are local and wanting to attend, there are still tickets available to purchase online here. And random fact, did you know Riffraff is the clothing sponsor for Kari Jobe? So fun! 

{Five} Tonight is date night! Hallelujah! :) Although it might include a stop for a few last minute party supplies! At least it's alone time together, right? 

Happy Friday!! 


Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Thanks so much for the links to all those recipes! I'm always looking for something new to add to the dinner rotation. :) Hope y'all have a wonderful birthday celebration this weekend!

Elenie Counts said...

Love the invitation! I also LOVE Kari Jobe! Have a fun weekend! :)

Linds said...

I'll be at the concert Sunday. I can't wait!

Laura said...

I love the idea of a freezer swap.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your Freezer Meal Swap recipes! Such a great idea to do with friends.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Haha Brody is so cute! I can't WAIT to check out the freezer meal recipes, I've been wanting to find more! Thank you for sharing!! Yay for date night! Yes, any just hang time together is awesome! :) Have fun!!

Christie said...

I just saw Kari for the first time this past summer and worship was amazing! Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE a store like that close by! I follow them on Facebook!

I want to join the freezer meal swap! Ha! That seems like the best idea!!!

Love the idea of a joint birthday party! The Lps are Jan and July babies so that would never work for them! Can't wait to see pics of the party!!!

Happy Monday, friend! xoxo!