Monday, August 5, 2013

weekend with my girl

The boys went down to Josh's parents' house this weekend so that Josh could take Brody fishing on his dad's ponds, so Jillian and I had a girls' weekend!

Friday night, we went to Target and Hobby Lobby and did a little shopping! 
Saturday morning, went to Addison's 3rd birthday party! It was supposed to be a swim party, but it rained all morning. At the end of the party, Jillian and Addison braved the cold pool and 75 degree weather to swim for a few minutes. Notice Jillian's purple lips! :)
After the party we went to eat lunch and then ran a few errands. That afternoon I took Jillian to get her first pedicure! We stopped by Sonic first to get a drink. I told her Sonic is an important stop before your pedicure! ;)
She was very curious about what the girl was doing to her feet, but once she started rubbing her legs and feet with lotion, Jillian really relaxed! Ha!
We bought groceries and hung out at the house Saturday night. And we may have eaten several Oreos (Jillian's favorite vegetable)!

The boys were home when we got home from church yesterday! These two were so happy to see each other!
Here is Brody with the bass he caught....
And here is Brody eating that same fish later that day! Ha!
I'm thankful for fun weekends like this! Jillian told me last night she wanted to have another girls' weekend tomorrow! ;)

Have a great Monday! 


Laura said...

And I thought I was the only one that got a Sonic drink before a pedicure!

That pic of Jillian slumped in the chair is priceless. That's how I feel while I'm getting a pedicure, too!

Betsy Maddox said...

Awww...that sounds like a fun weekend!! I love girls weekends still--even though my girls are all grown up! :) Jillian is the CUTEST thing!

Ann said...

What a great weekend!!! My nieces could not stop laughing when they got their first pedis - tickelish to the extreme!!! HA