Thursday, August 15, 2013

this and that

Well, it's Thursday and I have managed to not blog all week! We've had a fun week, enjoying lots of free time before our busy fall schedule starts back! I'm looking forward to the routine, but I will so miss these days at home and at the pool with my babies! 

Here are a few pictures of our little fam from the past week. 

These 2 are really into playing "monsters" right now! They wear blankets over their heads and try to scare me. 

Dinner with Daddy this weekend before he left for California! We are happy he is coming home today! 

Fun at the splash pad!! 

Brody and Payne matched in their white and seersucker at church on Sunday. 

We took Brody's training wheels off of his bike this weekend. He's been working hard to learn to ride his bike without them. 

We signed this cutie up for flag football this week! He is so excited about playing this fall! 

Jillian snuggled-up next to Brody at bedtime one night this week! 

Free fun at Barnes and Noble. I'm pretty sure they would have stayed for hours if I would have let them. 

Jillian's face is priceless! Brody was trying to help her see something on the top shelf! :)

This is how I spent naptime this week...sitting right outside Jillian's door so that she could leave her room. She has horrible napping habits right now and tries to distract herself anyway possible to not have to take a nap. We are NOT giving-up naps even if that means I sit outside the door for a while. ;)

And if you are a Razorback fan {and even if you are not} you need to check out this video that some friends of ours from our hometown made recently! I used to babysit one of the boys in this video some when he was little. This video was made here in Fayetteville. Lots of fun people and places were included in the video! 

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Laurin said...

Jillian's face - oh my goodness, so funny!!

Loved that video! I am so excited for football, only a few more weeks! But... GO GAMECOCKS!

Laura said...

Flag football? No way!! Gosh, I can't believe he's old enough for that! My favorite pic is of Brody holding Gillian's head. Priceless.

Laura said...

I'm sorry. I meant Jillian. I hate when people misspell my daughter's name.

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

that is TOO funny that you sit outside Jillian's door! I have a daughter that's just a little younger than Jillian, and I used to use a baby gate on her door so she couldn't escape! One thing that really helps us now is I make Gracie look me in the eyes and I tell her three times "stay in this bed". I don't know why... but if I don't tell her that until she acknowledges it, she will get out of bed.

Josh and Maggie said...

I have a little girl around Jillian's age (she'll be three next week!) and I have to supervise her naptime as well....except I have to actually lie down next to her. I've come to accept it. She's NOT ready to give up naps yet. :) Plus, assuming my nine month old is already asleep, I get a little rest time too!

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