Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking-up with Darci and the ladies hosting 5 on Friday today! 

{One} I think we are going to take Brody shopping for school supplies at some point in the next few days. We kind of made a big deal about it last year and took him for a fun night of shopping by himself, so we may try to do that again. I LOVE school supplies, so this is probably more fun for me than him! I will likely buy random things for my desk at home just because I love new school supplies so much. It's crazy to me that it's already time to be thinking about school supplies, uniforms, and school staring back! I feel like we just had our last day of school a couple of weeks ago! 

{Two} I am SO ready for fall and football season. I love summer. I love time at home with my kids. About this time each year, I start getting the itch for cooler weather, warmer clothes, football games and all things fall. Josh and I are excited that we have season tickets again for the Razorback games this fall, which means 5 fun dates to games! Only 4 more weeks until our first home game! 

{Three} Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to coffee creamer. No, seriously. It's bad. People who know me or drink coffee with me know this. I may have snuck coffee creamer into restaurants in my purse if I know they don't have creamer. See, told you. One of my favorite breakfast spots here in our town has the BEST Sinckerdoodle coffee. It's so good that I don't use creamer with it. I always try to find a reason to go by this place on Saturday mornings and get a cup of this coffee. Josh surprised me last week with a big bag of this coffee. So all week I have had coffee with no creamer! It really is a small miracle! :) 

And how funny are these pictures of my little barista? He was especially tired one morning this week making the coffee. I honestly think he might have needed a cup of coffee, too! ;)

{Four} We went to the beach in May, but I could really use one more beach vacation before school starts! I think quarterly beach vacations would be a good idea! ;)

This picture from our trip this summer makes me laugh! 

{Five} We have lived in our new house 8 months today and there is still SO much that I need to do and want to do around here. The dining room is a huge project that needs to be tackled. It still just has a table and chairs in it. Nothing else. I also want to update Jillian's room a bit and get her a bigger bed. I just need to buckle-down, make decisions, and get it done. Maybe by the one year mark I will give y'all a house tour! ;) 

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend! 


Laura said...

I am SOOO ready for Fall and football!! Sorry, but I have to say, "Roll Tide!" See? It's already started. Fall Fever started when I walked in Hobby Lobby this week!

Don't feel bad about your house. We've been in ours 4 years and I'm just now getting some things done. We striped our hall this week and it looks great!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Katie said...

Love the beach pic! So funny.

I'm with you about house projects. Where's the time? ; )

Linds said...

that beach picture is so awesome.

Sarah said...

We've been in ours for 7.5 months, and I still have boxes to unpack. It's crazy how life just happens and things get out on hold.

Annie said...

Quarterly beach trips sound like a fantastic idea! The pictures of Brody on the counter crack me up. It definitely looks like he needed some coffee that morning!

Christy said...

A beach trip never hurt anyone! I think it's so sweet that Brody makes your coffee every morning. He will make a great husband one day!