Sunday, July 14, 2013

weekend recap

How is it already Sunday afternoon? This weekend went by SO quickly! 

Josh and I went on a date Friday night while the kids went to FNO. It was perfect timing after he traveled last week! We went to dinner at Table Mesa, one of our favorite local places, and then we went to get pedicures {Josh's first}!! Haha! I have been asking Josh to go with me for years to get a pedicure and he finally agreed Friday night. It was SO fun! I laughed so hard at him that I seriously almost cried. He thought the massage chair was so neat and he played with the controller like it was a video game. Hilarious!

Saturday we hung out at the pool. Jill came with us and had one more relaxing Saturday Elliott is born! Saturday evening, we went to the Rowe's house for Colson's 3rd birthday party! I cannot believe he is 3! We had a great night with friends celebrating the sweet birthday boy. Jillian thought the cupcakes were the best part of the party. ;)

Saturday night, I made some bags for the soon-to-be cousins to take with them to the hospital! I'm hoping it will entertain them for more than 10 minutes while we wait. I bought most of the surprises from the Target dollar section. I did something similar for Brody when Jillian was born and it worked out well, so I'm hoping these are fun for them! 

This morning, we taught in Brody's class during one of our church services. He seemed to have fun with us in there! 

If you think about it tomorrow, please say a prayer for my sister, Jill, her husband, and baby Elliott! We are excited to meet Elliott and praying for a smooth, safe delivery for both her and Jill!! 

I hope you all have had a great weekend! 


Charity said...

I'm so excited for y'all!!

I expect a play by play on twitter!!

E said...

Praying in wa state!!!

Jennifer said...

Praying for you too Aunt Jennifer!

Courtney said...

Praying for your family tomorrow. Being an aunt is so much fun!

Nancy said...

So excited for your family!!