Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I got a few hours of errand running with this little cutie yesterday while Brody played with his friend, Sawyer! 

Sawyer and Brody were in PreK together this year and have become good friends. They have such a fun time playing together! Sawyer's mom took the boys to the park in their neighborhood and Katie sent me this picture when they were walking home from the park. She said it took them like 30 minutes to walk back because the boys kept stopping to watch the recycling truck go from house to house! Ha! 

I tried to throw a piece of plastic wrapper away when Brody got home and he stopped me and said, "no, we need to recycle." ;) 

Brody spent the afternoon riding his bike. It has been so hot lately that we only play outside in the mornings. The weather was so great and unseasonably cool that we were able to play outside this afternoon without getting to hot! 

I made homemade salsa this weekend. Jillian LOVES salsa. I had it out on the counter yesterday evening, so she pulled-up her stool and started snacking.

 This was right after she sprayed and entire can of hairspray in her bedroom last night! I bought a new can on Thursday, so it was almost completely full. She was playing "salon" in her room and had all all her plastic salon styling tools out. I didn't realize she had my hairspray until she came out of her room and her hair was so crunchy I could almost break it off. I walked into her room and it was a complete haze. Her floor in her room was SO sticky (thank goodness she doesn't have carpet). She had sprayed the entire can all in the air in her room!!! It was the fastest 5 minute mess she has made in quite some time! We had to clean and air out her room for a few hours last night just so she could sleep in there! Ha! 

After that exciting evening, I rewarded myself!! ;)

I hope you all had a great start to your week! 


Jennifer said...

Funny but it would not have been funny at my house!

nicole@http://theclarks-nicole.blogspot.com/ said...

Sounds like my house. Where do you get Julians clothes? They are the cutest

Christy said...

Oh my, you can't take your eye's off of her! LOL!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I am glad Brody is looking out for the environment! Ha! And the hair spray cracks me up. (: Oh Jillian!

JESSICA said...

One sibling extremely concerned about the environment, and the other, well...not so much, huh?
Makes for a perfect match! :)

Emily said...

Brody is just too cute with his desire to help save the planet with recycling. LOL!

The hair spray story... too funny!