Friday, July 5, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday today!

1. Josh has a 4 day weekend {that started yesterday}. This never happens, but he took off today just to have some extra time at home! We are so happy to have some much-needed time with him sleeping a little later, hanging out, going to the pool and just relaxing with our favorite guy!

2. I blogged last year about Brody the Barista. Brody loves to make my coffee in the mornings. It's something that he has done for me in the mornings for a while. This morning, I was surprised to see a superhero making my coffee. It seemed very fitting since there are many mornings I wish my coffee had superhero powers! I just love this boy!

3. I started going through Stuck by Jennie Allen with some of the wives from our Wednesday Night small group this week. I led this study in the fall at church and loved going through it. It's been convicting and challenging to read the book again and see the different areas in my life the Lord is working on now. I love meeting with these ladies and seeing deeper friendships develop in our group. You grow close quickly when you start sharing those vulnerable areas in your life. I'm thankful for their commitment and for their hearts for the Lord. 

4.  I've maybe mentioned it once {or one hundred times}, but I am about to be an aunt for the first time!! I am so stinking excited to meet my niece and I'm so excited to see our kids be cousins to this new baby! I feel like being an aunt will be the best of both worlds...I get to love one her like my own children, but send her back home to not sleep at night! It's finally my turn to be the fun one who stops for a visit when she is fed, changed and happy! Kidding...kind of. Two weeks or less until we meet Elliott! 

5. I have had a babysitter come over for a few hours one day a week {or every couple of weeks} this summer so that I can I run errands, go to appts, etc. It's been great because it gives me time to get all my weekly errands run and taken care of in a short amount of time, and allows me the rest of the week just to focus on doing fun things with the kids. Brody and Jillian love their time with Miss Meredith, and I love that I don't spend hours dragging the kids around places and getting them in-and-out of the car. That's not really fun for anyone involved. I want our weekends to be about our family, too, and not about me trying to get things done that I didn't get to do during the week. All that to say, we LOVE Meredith and we are thankful for her this summer! 

Happy Friday, friends!!!


Nancy said...

I have discovered this year to GET A BABYSITTER! I used to make myself feel guilty, but really it's good for kids and me!

Jennifer said...

I completely agree!! It's been a great thing for our family!

emily said...

Being an aunt is awesome! Spoil 'em and send 'em home! Can't beat that! ;)

I love that B makes your coffee. How sweet!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Love the once a week sitter. We did it last summer and it was so easy to make plans to get things done without dragging the kids around. Being "displaced" this summer, I decided not to do it and I am missing it big time! Love your little barista and can't believe sweet Elliott will be here so soon!

Lauren & Eddie said...

I agree with the babysitter. Since we're packing up and moving I have had my 16 year old cousin come a handful of times and it's been great! I've been here, but it's been so much easier to have someone to entertain the boys!

Brittany said...

I love so that your son makes your coffee - and even better wearing that! Made me laugh reading about it!!