Sunday, June 2, 2013

our weekend

 I hope you all had a great weekend. We sure did! Preslee and Julee came to spend the weekend with us. We were SO happy to have them here! 

How cute are the girls together? They had a lot of fun playing this weekend. Preslee has a cast on her leg, but that didn't stop her from keeping-up with Brody and Jillian!

Julee and I, along with 3 other friends, hosted a baby shower for my sister at my house on Saturday morning. I am going to do a separate post on all the shower details later this week. It was such a fun morning celebrating baby Elliott! 

Saturday evening we met Jill and Brandon to eat. The 3 little buddies at dinner! Brody looks like he is 7 years old in this picture! And Preslee is wearing one of Jillian's dresses from last year. It's fun that we have friends (and a cousin on the way) to share our clothes with! :)

Love these girls! 

After bath time on Saturday night, we played salon in our kitchen! Jillian's hair was a little uneven after Brody gave her a haircut, so Julee gave Jillian her 1st real haircut. Julee gave Brody his first haircut in our kitchen, too, several years ago. :)

The Turner girls went home this morning as we were heading to church. Our little coordinated cuties before church! 

I hope you all have a restful Sunday! 


Jess :) said...

Such a FUN-filled weekend y'all had!! So thankful that Julee and Miss P were able to come spend time with you. I know that y'all treasure every time you get to be together. I LOVE that bond you guys have! And the CUTENESS factor (for ALL of you) is beyond words! :)

Gorgeous girls and one handsome boy in these pics!!

Jennifer said...

Such sweet pictures. They made me teary. I am so thankful that you and Julee have each other too. Friends are so important and it's so good to share life with those special friends that are like family.

Amy said...

the girls are so sweet together - and brody, too! my nieces are exactly a year apart from both of my girls (they're now ages 4,3,2,1) so we share LOTS of clothes back and forth. it's so much fun to see the outfits year after year.
and i LOVE the name elliot! LOVE! i just don't think it flows well with "libbi and laney" .... ;(

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