Friday, June 14, 2013

our week...

I hope you all are having a great summer! We are at our house! We are spending lots of time outside and lots of lazy days inside (in the AC) as well! 

The kids are loving our lazy mornings! During the school year we have to be dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:45 3 days a week. They like being able to hang out around the house in the mornings in their pajamas! And honestly, I do, too! :)

Jillian sometimes sneaks into our bed in the mornings after I make it. 

We played in the sprinkler on Monday!

Vacation Bible School (we called it VBX) was this week at our church in the evenings. The kids have had such a great time singing, doing crafts, and learning about God!

Our movie theater has a summer film fest for kids. We went on Tuesday morning! It was Jillian's first time to go to a movie in a theater. She has gone to the drive-in several times. She took her purse with her! 

I heard her little voice say, "umm I think I need some help" and looked over to see her closed in her seat. I guess I should have gotten her a booster seat! :)

In the lobby of the theater! 

Jillian wore her smocked bubble and Brody's camo snow boots on Wednesday while playing outside! Classy. She LOVES those boots!

She snuck the ice cream out of the freezer that afternoon and I found her in the kitchen eating out of the carton. She may or may not have seen me do this in the past! ;)

Sassy girl before running errands on Thursday morning! Brody doesn't love having his picture taken so that's why I currently have lots more pictures of her than of him. 

Josh took Jillian to Daddy/Daughter Date Night at CFA on Thursday night. She insisted she get to wear a princess dress on their date. Of course, we agreed! She's only little once!

There are 3 little girls down the street that sell lemonade at least 2-3 days a week. I let Brody walk over and buy lemonade today. I watched him and he was acting so shy. When he came back he told me he was very nervous walking over, but once he got the lemonade he was ok. Ha! The girls gave him a cell phone made out of cardboard as a prize for buying lemonade. ;)

I'm not consistently blogging these days, but I'm really good about posting on Instagram! :) If you want to keep up with us a little better you can follow me there! 

Also, for those who asked on the beach post...we went to Destin and stayed at Sterling Shores Resort

Have a great weekend! 


Jennifer said...

Brody is getting so big. He looks like he is ready for fraternity rush. Such a sweet boy! Jillian cracks me up with the ice cream.

The Lowery Family said...

Well, of course a great pair of boots would complete her adorable outfit! Gotta love such fashion sense ;)

Maydelin said...

it's looks like a perfect week the kids!!! love them

Sarah said...

The best part about that phone is they included the little Apple symbol on it! ;)