Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Hi, there! It's Thursday and I'm just getting around to blogging about our weekend! :)

We had a fun Mother's Day weekend! I hope you did as well. 

Josh got home from a 5 day trip to California, so we were happy to get to spend the weekend with him! We went to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning. It was perfect morning for it! Do y'all love going as much as we do? It's one of our favorite things to do on the weekends in the summer!

My grandmother (dad's mom) came in town on Saturday afternoon, so we went to see her that evening at my parents' house. We had not seen her in 2 months. Brody and Jillian were SO excited she came to visit! 

Sunday, we went to church at our campus and then met my family for lunch. 

The 4 moms at lunch! I'm so thankful for each of them. 

Jill and I with mom. 

Here is Jill on Mother's Day weekend! 30 weeks pregnant with Elliott! She's only gained 5-6lbs and is measuring a week ahead!
30 weeks pregnant

Clearly the weight gain thing isn't genetic because I had definitely put on 15lbs and 17lbs at this point in my pregnancies! 

I'm blaming the fact that I had big babies and a love of carbs! :)

Hope you have a great day!