Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Day of School

Yesterday was Brody's last day of PreK 3! How in the world did this year go by so quickly?

I feel like just a couple of months ago we were here...

...and now we are here. 
Yes, wearing the same outfit. I didn't plan that. When you have a uniform, your choices are limited to khaki shorts and a polo! :)

My little guy started Pre-K as a 3 year old and ended as a 4 year old. He grew so much this year: physically, emotionally and socially. He learned so many new and exciting things!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about his school and his teacher. I had prayed for someone who would be extremely patient and loving with Brody while still setting firm boundaries. His teacher was that and SO much more. We could not have found a teacher that was a better fit for him. She was a complete blessing to our family this year, and we are so grateful for her. I almost ugly cried when we told her good-bye on Tuesday, and I am not a crier. ;) 

It's almost officially summer at our house now! We have our last day of MDO on Thursday, and then the fun begins! I'm so looking forward to fun, lazy days in the backyard with our babies. 

When is your last day of school, or is it already summer at your house, too?? :)

Hope you have a great Wednesday!! 


Erin said...

This school year has gone by soo fast! I can not believe how grown up he looks! Such a handsome little man!

Crystal said...

Wow, he looks so grown up! We end next week for the summer :)

Nicole said...

He looks so big!! Our last day is next Thursday and we are looking forward to the summer too!! We are already starting to plan fun things to do! :)

Linds said...

he looks SO grown up!

Sara said...

I love reading about your experience with the school. Bryce is signed up for the Pre K 3yr old program there for the fall. I am so nervous about the change for him but I have heard so many great things about the school and that eases my mind.

I have been reading your blog so long, and it does not seem possible he is old enough to be done with one year on Pre K!

jmcr foundation said...

He looks elder than before but he's looking very cute.muaaahhh..

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Lynsey said...

He looks so grown up!