Friday, April 26, 2013

our week in iPhone pictures

Here are a few iPhone pictures from our week...

Jillian before MDO on Monday morning with her doll "Pink Pink". She is really into naming all of her dolls right now. Some of the names are Jennifer, Preslee, Pink Pink, Dora and Ping Ping. 

Josh and I have been going to a bootcamp gym on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. It's hard work, but so much fun! Lots of friends are in the class with us which makes it something we look forward to each week. They have childcare so all 4 of us go. Here's a pic of JK and me before we left the house Monday night! 

After school milkshakes on Tuesday!

The kids played all afternoon Tuesday with Brody trucks. Jillian is obsessed with this purple tutu and polk dot jacket. Anytime we are home, she changes out her clothes right into this outfit. The tutu is a 6-12 month from Baby Gap and still fits her! Ha! 

Brody didn't feel too hot on Wednesday morning so he spent a lot of the morning in our bed with the iPad and his untouched breakfast. 

He felt better that later morning so we went to the library. We love the library!

Working hard on a puzzle! 

That afternoon we made peanut butter cookies. I have been making my own peanut butter in our Vitamix. It's crazy easy to make, but I like to pretend I'm really domestic when I do this. ;)

I tried a new recipe and they were good, but I'm still parietal to flourless peanut butter cookies!

Jillian before MDO Thursday morning! Her cute outfit is from Diva Designs

I had a meeting at our Springdale campus Thursday, so Josh and I met for lunch at one of our favorite lunch places since we were close to each other. I love day dates! 


We went to Rick's Bakery on Thursday afternoon to order a cake and watched the cake decorators for a little while. 

This is how Jillian ended her day yesterday. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 


Kelly Stamps said...

Where is that lunch???? I need to go wherever that is! ha!
Loved your recap.

Erin said...

Peanut butter cookies sound amazing... and that mexican food looked soo good.. I have been craving mexican like crazy latley!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh so many fun things! I have been wanting a Vitamix, do you love it?? So much fun to make your own peanut butter! ;) Jillian is looking like such a little girl!! That is so cute that she loves that outfit, I wonder when HM will start being partial to certain outfits? :) I hope Brody is feeling all better! Y'all are so cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

Emily (Louisiana Bride) said...

You're making me long for summer! My husband said he wanted to do P90X again this summer while we were out of school/work and I am stoked about it, makes eating healthier so much easier when the man isn't buying cookies and ice cream lol.