Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday in iPhone Pictures

Yesterday, we had a little surprise party at the beginning of Bible study for my friend, Sarah. I asked you to pray for Sarah 2 years ago when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Sarah got a great report from her doctor in Houston last week! She is finished with chemo! She has had treatments for 22 months, so this is a huge praise! She has an incredible testimony and has been so faithful during this journey. We are so proud of her! This week was also her 30th birthday. What a great birthday present for her! 

After Bible study, Jillian and I ran to Old Navy and the mall. She is obsessed with the dog at ON. It's so funny to me because she is terrified of dogs. She told me she liked this dog because he doesn't lick her! Ha! 

Brody went through this same phase with the Old Navy dog! :) 

We played outside yesterday afternoon after we picked-up Brody from school. The kids drew a lot with sidewalk chalk. Brody drew this dog and then put a rock under him for his poop. I'm not sure what the deal is, but anytime he draws animals, they are always going to the bathroom. Life with a boy! :)

I posted this on Twitter, but our new house has fairly tall ceilings and we don't have a ladder that even comes close to reaching the ceilings. Jillian let her balloon from our Bible study party go and it was stuck at the top of our living room yesterday. Josh was able to get it down with an extension rod, but my vote was to leave it until it ran out of helium. Ha! 

Hope you have a great Wednesday! 


Nancy said...

I think Jillian looks so much like your sister!
My little girl was like that with dogs & two years ago, she decided she loves dogs. In fact, when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says a German Shepherd police dog :)
Have a great Easter weekend!!

Angie said...

I chose to let a balloon rub out of helium once in a house with high got stuck in the fan and we didn't remove until we moved...5 years later!! It was so high up there I figure most people never saw it anyway. :)

Leslie said...

My kids love sidewalk chalk (even my 13 year old!). Walmart has Crayola chalk that is 4 colors in one stick and glitter chalk. I think the Easter Bunny picked some up for us. You could have animals with glittery poop!

Nikki Benz said...

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Ansleighsmom said...

ansleigh loves "the family" at old navy too and all pretend dogs but hates real dogs as well they are so silly! At Old Navy she has to hug and kiss them all bye everytime its so funny!

Lauren & Eddie said...

James LOVES that crazy ON dog. Anytime I have to go when he's not with me he has a fit. He asks to go visit him from time to time!

Kimberley said...

praise the lord, so happy to hear the great news for sarah!

and i am dying to know how tall your ceiling is. 20'??? :)

Katie said...

The dog going to the bathroom is hilarious. How creative! Ha!

I'm with you about the balloon. ; )

Paige said...

I randomly found your blog. If you have a BB gun you can use it to get the balloon down. Of course, do it when no one else is around just to be safe.

Our last house was just like that, and a balloon got stuck on the ceiling because my now-3-year-old let it go.

Never a dull moment, eh? :-)