Friday, March 1, 2013

4 Year Check-Up

Yesterday, I took Brody for his 4 year check-up. His birthday was in October. I called in October to schedule his appointment, but his doctor has a 2 month wait for well visits. After a 2 month wait, our house closing was scheduled at the exact same time of his appointment, so I had to reschedule and wait another 2 full months. So his 4 year check-up was about 4 months late! :)

Jillian was at MDO, so it was just Brody and me! I loved having one-on-one time with my big boy! 

I just cannot believe how big he is and how much older he is looking! I feel like we were just at the doctor for his monthly check-ups as a baby. 

This cute guy got a great report! He is very healthy! We are so thankful. 

Brody weighed 41.8 lbs and was 43.3 inches tall. He is 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. His doctor said that Brody has a very athletic build. I told Brody he would probably be really good at all kind of sports and he told me he just wanted to play golf like Big Daddy! :)

The appointment went well until Brody asked the doctor if he had to get any shots. He needed 2 yesterday to complete all of his vaccines. That didn't go over so well! Poor little guy was so upset when he found out about the shots. I think the anticipation was way worse than the actual shots themselves. 

When the doctor saw that Brody was getting upset he looked at me and said, "Mom, this is a day we really need to do ice cream or Sonic or something after this appointment." I agreed!! So we rewarded ourselves with CFA for lunch after the appointment. I needed a treat, too, since I had to hold him down for shots. ;)

Brody said, "Momma, you really cheered me up"! I love this boy! 

Have a great weekend!


Sasha said...

Shots are SO hard! I don't like getting them either!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

The crying picture breaks my heart. :( We have well visits this month...shots are inevitable and I'm dreading it!

Nancy said...

That sweet crying face!!
I remember those days!

Linds said...

bless his heart... that crying picture :/
He and Brayden are almost the same exact size. I think he has 2-3 pounds on B, but Brayden is almost 43 inches tall too!

lnipaver said...

At my son's 4 yr olds apt (he is 4 yrs 9 months) they decided to just do all pre-kinder shots so we wouldn't have to come back which meant 4 shots. They did them all at once and Jake DID NOT want to even look at the nurse or doctor after that. lol