Monday, February 18, 2013

valentine's day

Valentine's day was low-key, but a lot of fun around our house this year! 

Brody had his PreK Valentine's party on Tuesday! Jillian and I attended the party and had a lot of fun with Brody.  I seriously love that I have a child that I get to go to class parties with this year! :)

Jillian does everything at the class parties like the big kids. She has the best time and Brody's teacher is always so sweet to let her participate! 

Checking out all his Valentine's goodies! 

Josh and I usually celebrate Valentine's Day the weekend following Valentine's Day, so that we can hopefully avoid the huge crowds. We also enjoy spending V-Day at home with our little cuties. 

I cooked dinner again this year and we had our own special Valentine's meal. This year we had breakfast for dinner! The kids LOVED the heart-shpaed pancakes! 

We ate and exchanged cards with each other. I got the kids a couple of little gifts from Josh and me. The apron was Jillian's gift! She calls it her "cookers dress" and has been wanting one really badly! :) We also enjoyed cookies from sweet Holly for dessert! How adorable are the mason jars?? She is SO talented! 
 Josh and I loved spending Valentine's with our 2 little valentines!! 

Happy Monday!! 


Alex and Jill said...

Love them in their masks!!

We're celebrating this weekend too. Can't wait!! :)

Desiree Lynn said...

Cookers dress- I love it! It always makes me laugh when kids come up with such inventive names for things. My niece used to call soda tickle juice ha.