Monday, February 4, 2013

playing catch-up...

Here are just a few things we were up to last week....

My sweet mom's birthday was on January 24th, so we celebrated last weekend at my parents' house! 

It was unseasonably warm at the beginning of last week, so we were able to spend the afternoon outside! 

I have been cooking lots of SkinnyTaste recipes over the past few weeks. Last week I made Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers. They were SO good! 

We went to the library one day last week. We go twice a week during the summer, but I'm not as good about taking them as often during the school year. 

I took this picture of them before we left the house that morning...they look so sweet and cooperative, right? 

Not so much! These were just a few of the outtakes! Ha! 

I think I mentioned that we are hosting our small group this semester! We had taken about a year break after hosting weekly for 2 years, but have our fun group back in our home again. We had 23 people this week!

We celebrated one of our leaders birthdays that evening with this fun cake from Rick's Bakery! 

Friday, we spent the day in Arkadelphia with Julee and Preslee! We had the best time with them! It was such a fun, easy day. Julee and I were able to spend the entire day talking and hanging out while the kids played. We loved getting to see their new house, too. I was so thankful for some much-needed time with them! We miss those girls like crazy!! 

Preslee decided to be my little buddy on Friday! She spent a lot of time in my lap giving me kisses and making me kiss her forehead. :)


Our friend and photographer, Kelsey, blogged pictures from our family session in November! Go check out her blog! She is super talented!!!

Happy Monday! 


Mrs. Mama said...

Rick's bakery is my favorite. I hate that I live 5 hours away and only get the yummy goodness a few times a year.

Lauren said...

Those stuffed peppers look so amazing. Thanks to this post I'm now craving them. :) Must make some this week.

Adrienne Judy said...

Looks like you had a fun week. Those people looks delicious. Your kids are growing up so fast and so cute.

Lindsey B said...

Every time you post cake pictures, I want to drive up to NWA just to try Rick's! They always look amazing!

momMYsliceoflife said...

OMG! I have the exact same painting over my fireplace... great minds! ;)

Ricks has the most beautiful cakes!

Elenie Counts said...

Love this post! Y'all are so cute ;) those cakes are amazing.