Wednesday, February 20, 2013

birthday fun!

Last Wednesday was my 28th birthday! My family helped me celebrate and made the day extra special!

Josh made breakfast for me that morning, then met the kids and me for lunch at one of my favorite local places, Bleu Monkey Grill!  

We hosted small group at our house the night of my birthday, so my parents kept the kids. While they were at GiGi and Big Daddy's they made cards and decorated cookies for me! 

Josh surprised me with a cake to share with our small group that evening. It was so good! 

Sunday evening, we celebrated my birthday with my parents, sister and Brandon at my parents' house! I requested my dad's burgers and my mom's corn dip and homemade salsa. It was all so good!!!

We had another super cute cake that evening! 

Jillian thought everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to her! She was so proud and excited! Ha! 
(And her cheeks were chapped from the weather! She was looking very rosy on Sunday night!) 

I made Jill take a weekly picture that night. :) She will be 19 weeks tomorrow. They will find out the gender in a couple of weeks! 

I'm so thankful for my sweet family who made my day so special! 

It is supposed to snow/sleet/ice here tonight and tomorrow! I don't mind winter weather, but if the electricity goes out, that's another story. :) I've been busy catching-up on laundry this morning and I am thinking I should brave Walmart with every other person in NWA. We don't really need anything, but I always want good snacks if we are stuck in the house! :)

Hope you all are staying warm! 


Julee said...

I am even more sad that I wasn't there after hearing that meal! YUM! All my favorites! And thanks for the bump pic! I love it!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Happy happy (belated) birthday!! It sounded so special (and yummy! ;)) and that is so wonderful! :) Such sweet pics! I love the way you think, you HAVE to have some yummy snacks if you're going to stuck in the house because of yucky weather! I hope the store is nice and clear for you while you're there!

Nancy said...

Hope you had the most wonderful Birthday! I think Jillian looks like your sister!

Maryellen said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer . . .
Here's to a wonderful blessed year ahead . . .

Krystal said...

Looks like a great birthday!! So excited to find out what Jill is having!! {So sad she doesn't blog...hint hint}
And I am with you about the yummy snacks...I got peeps and pretzel crisps at Target tonight just in case I get iced in!!

Courtney said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that goes out to by junk food before a snow storm.