Friday, January 25, 2013

our week in iPhone pictures

We have had a fun, but busy week!! 

Sunday was our church campus's 2nd anniversary! Our church has 4 campuses in NWA. Our campus was the 3rd to launch when it launched in 2011. 

We decorated the lobby area of our church with all of these balloons. Josh and I and another couple picked them up Saturday night. Can you believe we managed to not pop a single balloon??

Here is the cake that one of our church members made for Sunday! It's amazing to see the way the Lord has grown our campus since it launched. We started with a core team of around 300 people and this past Sunday we had 2,200 people attend! 

I tried getting a picture of the kids on Sunday but this was the best I could get...a little fight because Brody was getting on Jillian's "stage"! ;)

We started our spring semester of Women's Bible studies this week! The first week of the studies is always the busiest and craziest, but completely worth it. We had over 100 women attend studies this week! I am so excited about this semester and thankful for each person attending.  I'm usually a very organized person, but even I get a little lost in all the papers as I get ready for studies. These pictures prove that! Just keeping it real! ;)

Sweet Jillian made lots of silly faces one morning this week! She really lacks personality...can you tell? 

My stylish errand running buddies one day this week! 

Brody got a much-needed hair cut this week! 

Much better! He was happy about the sucker he got as a reward for sitting still! 

We are hosting small group at our house this semester! It's been a little funny having people over just a few weeks after we moved. Our house is definitely not finished yet, but thankfully no one seems to mind. I made cookie dough dip with chocolate animal crackers for a snack! It seemed to be a big hit! I balanced it out with veggies and hummus dip. I'm sure that cancelled out the calories from the dip! 

Jill found Fresh Beat Band lunch notes online that she printed for me to put in Jillian's lunchbox. Jillian loves FBB and even calls herself KiKi! She was so happy about this note in her lunchbox yesterday!

While the kids were at MDO yesterday, my friend, Amberley colored and cut my hair. It was much needed! I went a little darker and really love the color that she did. 

Today we are just taking a break and hanging out at the house. I needed a day at home, and our laundry piles really needed me to have a day at home to play catch-up! ;)

I hope you all have had a great week! 


Christy said...

Jennifer, I love your hair!!!

Norma said...

I love your shirt!!! Where did you find it!!! So cute!!!

Elenie Counts said...

Ooh! I like the darker color. Looks great! Glad y'all have had a great week! ;)

Nancy said...

Such cute pics! Lots of good things going on!! I love posts like this!

Linds said...

Jennifer! Do you have an LSU fan on staff??? All those LSU colors make me tremble. ha!

The Taffs said...

LOVE your shirt! Where's it from?

amy (metz) walker said...

LOVE that color...and, should see about getting someone to help Jillian become more expressive.