Friday, October 12, 2012

Visiting Preslee

Last Thursday, we spent the day with Preslee and Julee in Little Rock. We ate lunch, hung out, talked and let the kids play. It was a great day with our sweet friends. Looking back, I’m so thankful we were able to spend this time with them before the weekend.

Precious girl with her big smile!

DSC_0250 (428x640)

Brody spent a lot of time sitting on top of the couch watching the view of the river.

DSC_0251 (428x640)

Pretty blue eyes!

DSC_0255 (640x428)

Brody loves playing games on Julee’s phone. Apparently she has better games than I do. ;) It made us laugh to watch the girls while he was playing. They got right beside him!

DSC_0257 (640x428)

All 3 cuties snuggled on the couch.

DSC_0259 (640x428)

Please continue to pray for the Tuners. Also, make sure you check out this post on how to participate in the silent auction that will take place next week to benefit Julee and Preslee.


The Wallace Family said...

Thinking about and praying for you and your sweet friend Julee. Ya'll have three cuties!

Jennifer said...

Breaks my heart!! A huge majority of my pain is for my boys. I understand heaven and get peace from that but it's harder for kids to really wrap their brains around that. I can't help but think that they got cheated.....they will never kow what an amazing man he was. So, we do our best to keep his memory alive. It's all we really can do (other than pray) continued prayers for everyone!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Precious children! What a blessing last Thursday was for all of you. I am thinking of you, Julee and of course Preslee right now. It's hard to imagine the pain that Julee is experiencing and the magnitude of the situation for everyone involved. Praying for all of you!

Nancy said...

What precious babies you girls have! I am so thankful your friendship will be a wonderful thing to get Julee through tough days ahead. Praying every single day for everyone that knew & loves Matt!

Randi said...

Such cuties! Preslee almost looks like she could be related to Jillian with those big blue eyes!

Kenzie said...

I'm so glad you got to visit them. Julee is incredible. Their family is always in my prayers!

Hannah Elisabeth said...

she is so beautiful...what a miracle and now she will be used to change her mamas life in more ways then she even imagined from day one!

Julie Rogers said...

Definitely keeping Preslee, Julee, family, and friends in prayer---and she is so lucky to have such a great friend by her side.


Mel Tales said...

Precious pictures! Praying for you all!!

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