Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jillian’s 2nd Birthday Party

We had Jillian’s birthday party at The Little Gym a couple of Saturdays ago! We invited just a few of her little friends to celebrate with us. I love having a big first birthday party for my kids at home, but after that, I LOVE having small parties at party places. It makes birthdays so much fun and stress-free! We had Brody’s 2nd birthday at TLG as well, so we knew exactly what to expect for Jillian’s party.
The silly birthday girl has SO much fun playing with her friends!
DSC_0029 (640x428)
Harper the gymnast! She was loving the balance beam! Pretty sure she is going to be an Olympian one day. :)
DSC_0015 (428x640)
Playing with shakers. Jillian loved this!
DSC_0023 (640x428)
Chasing bubbles!
DSC_0035 (640x428)
Preslee came from Little Rock for the party! We were so happy to have her and her momma here for the weekend! We miss them so much!
DSC_0064 (640x428)
The birthday girl playing with the parachute! I love those curls!
DSC_0049 (429x640)
Brody had lots of fun at his sister’s party!
DSC_0068 (640x428)
After we played, we headed to the party room for food, cupcakes and cookies!
Cupcake and cookie table. I did very little for this party!
DSC_0003 (640x428)
The ADORABLE cookie my friend, Holly, made for the party! She is SO talented!!
DSC_0010 (640x428)
Pinwheel cupcake toppers in the cupcakes!
DSC_0008 (640x428)
Girly balloon chandeliers above the table!
DSC_0011 (640x428)
I love Jillian’s face in this picture. She looked so happy!
DSC_0082 (640x428)
Smiling while we sang, “Happy Birthday”!
DSC_0093 (640x428)
Loving the yellow icing!
DSC_0097 (640x428)
She wasn’t too interested in taking a picture with us!
DSC_0103 (640x428)
Opening all the sweet gifts from our thoughtful friends and family!
DSC_0112 (428x640)
We are so thankful for so many wonderful friends and family members who celebrated Jillian’s birthday with us this year!


. said...

Super cute party!

Faith said...

What a perfectly fun party for sweet JK! She is so darling and I can tell y'all had the best time celebrating her!

Sasha said...

What a fun party! Happy belated birthday Jillian!

Nathan and Megan said...

The link to contact "Holly" for cookies is not working. Can you send me her contact info?

nicole@ said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday Jillian

Stephanie Houghton said...

Looks like such a cute party! Happy Birthday Jillian.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Looks like such a fun party! I am right there with you on loving easy parties that are not in my home!