Sunday, August 19, 2012

Twas the Night Before Pre-K…

It sort of feels like the school version of Christmas Eve around here tonight! :) How are we already starting preschool? It seems impossible that our sweet, first-born will have his first day of school tomorrow. We spent the evening getting things ready for our BIG day tomorrow.

Brody colored this bag that was sent home from his teacher and we filled it with something for show-and-tell.

DSC_0017 (428x640)

We made his lunch! I went to the store on Friday evening and got several options for lunch. He chose a sandwich, go-gurt, apple slices, dried banana chips, string cheese and milk.

DSC_0018 (428x640)

Daddy grilled hamburgers for Brody’s before school dinner. Brody loves burgers!

DSC_0023 (640x428)

We packed his backpack (which had to be large per the school) with his pillow, sheet, and blanket for rest time. I was a slacker and didn’t take his backpack to get embroidered this past week, so it will go on Tuesday after he is finished for the week. :)

DSC_0026 (640x427)

We laid out his clothes for tomorrow. He has uniform he has to wear each day…khaki or navy shorts, any color solid polo, and tennis shoes with socks.

DSC_0029 (428x640)

I got our chalkboard frame ready for first day pictures!

DSC_0027 (640x428)

And we put the VERY excited soon-to-be preschooler to bed. We prayed for a great day tomorrow and then reminded this boy that he had to sleep tonight. :)

DSC_0033 (640x428)

I was thinking this evening…I am almost positive that they just put this sweet boy in my arms.


It’s hard to believe we are already here. Oh, my momma heart! I’m so thankful that Brody has always belonged to the LORD. It makes putting our baby in someone else’s arms tomorrow much easier.

Here’s to a great first day of Pre-K 3! We are SO excited about the year ahead!


Kodi said...

I can't believe that Brody is already a pre-schooler, and I really can't believe that I'll have one next year. Slow down time! :)

Leslie Hubbard said...

What a great post! Takes me back to those days! I will be sending my son to his sophomore year in high school and his sister to her first year of middle school!! Good luck tomorrow! Hope he has a great day!

momMYsliceoflife said...

They grow up so fast! My baby starts preschool in a couple of weeks and she is SO excited. I'm excited for her, but its so bitter sweet watching them grow, isn't it?

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Good Luck, Brody! Jennifer, it will get easier and you will love having a little extra time with Jillian and for yourself!

Sara said...

Good Luck tomorrow Brody!!! Well, and Momma too!!! I would guess there will be a church parking lot full of Momma's shedding some tears after drop off, I know I would be:)

How do kids grow up so fast? It is exciting yet so sad at the same time!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Time is flying at my house too.

I would love for you to link this post to my Back to School Traditions link up on Saturday.

Stacey said...

I can't believe our biggest littles are in preschool today! so surreal but glad we get to walk this journey together! :) love y'all!

Mandy Rose said...

Awww, I know how hard it is to send them off to pre-k! I am sure Brody will do great! It's crazy how fast time goes...before we know it they will all be in college. Good luck today! Love the reminder that our babies truly belong to Him!

Julie Rogers said...

Hope first day went fabulous---we start in a few weeks! I think I am more anxious than him:)


Mrs. Harvey said...

Can't wait to hear about his day! I'm sure it will be great. Seeing the baby photo at the end of your post made me tear passes by way too quickly.