Friday, August 10, 2012

School Supplies Shopping

Last night, Josh and I took Brody shopping for school supplies. He starts preschool in just 10 short days! He will be in the 3 year old program and will go 2 days a week. I think it will be a great thing for him. He has been going to MDO 2 days a week since he was a baby, so this should be an easy transition for him (and hopefully, and easy transition for me, too)!

Brody before we left the house last night. He was very excited!


We dropped Jillian off at my parents’ house so that we could have a fun night with just Brody. We wanted to make it special for him. Jillian asked if her doll could wear a bow to Gigi and Big Daddy’s house, too. :)


Our first stop of the evening was at CFA. We told Brody he could pick anywhere he wanted to eat. At first he told me he wanted to go get salads, but then he decided he wanted chicken. That was probably a good thing since he doesn’t voluntarily eat salad. Ha!

DSC_0111 (640x428)

After we ate we headed to Target to shop!

DSC_0117 (428x640)

Checking out!

DSC_0127 (640x428)

With all his supplies at home before bed.

DSC_0137 (640x428)

I cannot believe we have a child old enough for preschool! It’s so cliché, but I seriously cannot believe how quickly time flies!

Brody has been asking me everyday if I am going to miss him while he is at school and if I’m going to cry. I tell him that I am going to miss him like crazy, and I promise him that I will not cry until I’m in the parking lot where he and his friends can’t see me! ;)

I’m looking forward to a great school year and all the fun memories we will make with Brody!


Sarah said...

You got away easy with your supplies - Ava's list for supplies was INSANE! :) I hope Brody has a great year or preschool!! And that you don't cry too much! ;)

Laura said...

Cute pics, Jennifer! I love school supply shopping! However, my daughter's school just has us "write a check" on the first day and the PTO purchases the students' supplies. Just isn't the same! Have a happy weekend!

Linds said...

he looks SO grown up in that last picture!