Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of Pre-K 3!

Today was the BIG day!! Brody’s first day of Pre-K!

He was all smiles this morning before we left the house! He was seriously so excited that he could hardly wait to leave the house and head to school!

DSC_0015 (428x640) 

He looked so big with his huge backpack and his lunchbox.

DSC_0017 (428x640)

Sister got in on the picture action! She was saying, “cheeeese”!

DSC_0029 (428x640)

My sweet boy and me.

DSC_0035 (640x429)

Brody and Daddy.

DSC_0038 (640x428)

My list of things we couldn’t forget on our way out the door this morning. I’m so forgetful after kids that this is necessary when something is important. :)

DSC_0043 (640x427)

We left the house a little after 7 so that we had time to stop for a special breakfast treat for Brody. He loved the donuts! I’m sure his teacher appreciated the sugar we gave him for breakfast. It was only one morning! :)

DSC_0044 (640x428)

After breakfast we headed to school! Big Daddy and Gigi met us in the parking lot to see Brody before he went inside for his first day. Brody was so excited to see them!

DSC_0046 (640x428)

Brody attends our church’s private school. My mom works in the church office on the same campus Brody attends. It’s nice to know that she is there with him every day. It’s also nice in case I ever run late on pick-up…He can just hang out in her office! :)

DSC_0051 (640x428)

The 4 of us!

DSC_0054 (640x437)

Josh, Jillian and I walked Brody into his classroom and helped him put his things away in his cubby. He asked us in the parking lot if he could just go in by himself. :) He was feeling SO big this morning!

DSC_0056 (640x428)

Brody with his sweet teacher! His face is priceless. Pre-K mug shot?

DSC_0058 (640x428)

This is how we left him this morning…happily coloring! He wouldn’t even look up to tell us bye. That’s exactly how I hoped it would be this morning!

DSC_0061 (428x640)

I had not cried once about preschool leading up to today, and I really didn’t think I would cry, but when Jillian and I got in the car after drop-off and I heard her little voice say from the backseat, “Where Brody?”, the tears flowed.  I wasn’t sad or heartbroken. I just think my momma-heart needed a few minutes to take it all in this morning. The tears stopped about as quickly as they started and Jillian and I went about our day just fine! We had a great time and got a lot accomplished.

It was fun to pick Brody up this afternoon and hear all about his day! His teacher complimented him on his great manners and said he had a good day! He told me he liked recess and he liked the cafeteria! Ha! He really seemed to love his first day! We celebrated with fro-yo after school and he told me all about his day. We are so thankful for a wonderful first day!

I’m so looking forward to our preschool days! I love having our kiddos home with me, but Brody is our child that needs structure and thrives in routines, so we are so happy to be back on a schedule! I’m sure I’m not the only mom that feels this way, right? ;)

I hope those of you who had kiddos with first days at school today had wonderful days back as well! I’ve loved seeing all the pictures of your cuties.

Happy Monday!


Emily said...

He looks so big and excited to start Preschool!

Will he go to preschool again next year or will he get to start K?

My little boy couldnt go to preschool this year because he doesn't turn 4 until the end of Oct.

Katie said...

He's such a cutie, Jennifer! I'm SO glad things went well today.

Wednesday is the big day for us! I'm so excited for Zach and didn' think I would be sad, but I did get a little teary when I bought his school supplies. ; )

caknitter said...

How adorable is he? Congrats to everyone, especially Brody on this special day. I couldn't help but laugh at his's almost as big as he. Lol. :-)

waikikimum said...

Your family is beautiful and it's so lovely seeing a happy little man on his first day.

Charlie's Mommy said...

We LOVE the structure at our house...well, this momma does. The girls really like school but they miss being able to stay up past 7:30/8:30.

. said...

Super cute pictures! Glad you all had a great day!

Mrs. Harvey said...

Just reading about his first day and about your tears makes me tear up, as well. My little man isn't far behind, and it's hard to see them getting so big. Glad that he had a great first day!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

All the pics are so so sweet! That was so neat that the gparents were able to meet there, so sweet! Ps HM has that same dress, so cute! :)

Elizabeth said...

So sweet!! Glad he had a great first day!!

Amanda Catherine Porter said...

what a precious little guy! glad he had a good first day!

Mandy Rose said...

I am glad to hear it all went well! I love when Jillian said, "Where Brody?" Bents does that all the time when P is away and it breaks my heart! Love all the pictures...especially the one of all four of you!! Too cute!

[diane] said...

Ok, my little guy is only 2 but Pre-K and Kindergarten have been on my mind so much lately! When Jillian asked "Where's Brody?" I seriously choked up too! So sweet! I'm glad he had such a great first day. Way to go Brody!!

Lynsey said...

So sweet! Looks like he had a great day!

Courtney Byrne said...

Great 1st day pics! I can't wait to do ours in a few weeks. I'm a new follower of your blog!

The Van Heules said...

Cute pictures! Where did you get that chalkboard?