Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Donut Date

A couple of Saturdays ago, Josh took Jillian for a daddy/daughter donut date!

She was SO excited about donuts and time alone with her daddy!

DSC_0016 (640x427)

This was pre-sugar, so you can only imagine how excited she was after eating 2, yes 2, donuts!! Oh my! :)

DSC_0018 (640x428)

I stayed home with this handsome boy! He made coffee for me (he’s still our little barista) and then we played with his new garbage truck!

DSC_0020 (640x428)

He is crazy about this truck!

DSC_0023 (640x428)

We made some “trash” for his truck to pick-up. Can you guess which pile is mine? ;) If I’m going to play with garbage it should at least be girly garbage! Ha!

DSC_0022 (640x428)

We had such a fun morning driving the truck around and collecting trash! I know Jillian had a great time with her daddy. I enjoy our one-on-one time with our two little cuties so much!


Nancy said...

Her face is adorable in these pictures!!! Hysterical!

Laura said...

That purse on Jillian's arm totally cracks me up!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Yummy! I love doughnuts. Such cute pictures and I love your trash. :)

Cara Beth said...

They are both getting so big! I love her face in this post. So cute! :)

Kyndal said...

I absolutely LOVE how expressive your little lady is! Her faces crack me up! Glad Jillian had a fun date with Daddy. :)

Kerri Denton said...

OMG! Her face is priceless, I cracked up when I saw that picture.

The Smith Family said...

My little boy is obsessed with garbage trucks! Where did you find this one?
Love your blog!

[diane] said...

Jillian's date with Daddy is too sweet! And my son loves his garbage truck too - I need to make him some pretty garbage for him to pick up!

Tarrant said...

Awww. One of the most precious memories of time with my dad is that he would pop me into the car on a weekend morning and drive me to the closest donut place-about a half hour away. He would make up songs about donuts, sing his song about the cat, talk to me. I had a pink fuzzy coat and the donut woman would always hand me a donut to match. My dad would receive compliments for my good behavior and his good daddy skills for "taking a turn babysitting." I remember him saying that he wasn't babysitting, I was his daughter with more than a bit of pride. I didn't understand then that all daddies didn't do this with their daughters.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I love this and I just love how much y'all love your sweet little family so much too, it is so wonderful to see! I am cracking up at your girly trash, hehe! Our boys have a couple little trash trucks they still love to play with too, we used to "make" trash for them too, although it mainly consisted of finding old dried things under the kitchen table that hadn't been swept or vacuumed yet! hehehe!