Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Weekend

I hope y’all had a great weekend! Our weekend was full of activities, but so fun!

We went over to see Preslee on Friday! Jillian has two dolls that are pretty much identical that we call “the twins”. She brought those with her and shared with Preslee while they played!

DSC_0008 (640x428)

This picture of her smiling at the dolls makes me laugh!
DSC_0010 (640x428)

Saturday, Josh and I went on a day date to the LPGA tournament in our area! (I didn’t take any pictures) I’m not a golfer and I really don’t like to watch golf on TV, but it was a lot of fun to watch in person! We had weekend passes, but because of other activities we could only go on Saturday morning. We got there at the perfect time because we were able to just hang out at one hole and see lots of the big names. It was a fun morning!

Sunday evening, our church had it’s annual Fireworks at The Crosses at our Pinnacle Hills campus!

DSC_0014 (640x428)

Lots of our friends were there, including Payne! Jillian was happy to see him!

DSC_0027 (640x428)

The four of us before the fireworks began! Church staff wore orange shirts so people could find us in the crowd, so that’s why I’m not matching my family in red, white, and blue! :)

DSC_0038 (640x428)

Brody is terrified of fireworks right now so we had to bring these to cover his ears. :)

DSC_0040 (640x428)

His face his hilarious! He was so nervous about the fireworks. He did pretty well. He cried right when they started but my dad walked him a little further back from where we were sitting and he was able to watch them. I’m hoping this is a phase that ends after this summer! Poor little guy!

A shot of the fireworks and the crosses from my phone!


I hope you all have a great Monday!


The Doughmestic Housewife said...

Sad we missed seeing you guys last night! Jillians pig tails are too cute, and poor Brody and his loud noises ;).

Not So Newlyweds said...

The fireworks look beautiful with the crosses in the background!

Julie Rogers said...

I was just thinking that my little one is going to be petrified of fireworks---may have to try those headphones or take an early night in---and soak up the fireworks while lounging on the couch! Cute pics:)


Shelley said...

The fireworks with the crosses is a beautiful picture! We also have a toddler who was afraid of fireworks last year and seems all right with them this year - so far. It seems to be a phase she is outgrowing slowly so hopefully that is the case for you guys as well! I can totally see how fireworks could seem scary when you are that little!