Monday, June 11, 2012

Visit to the Fire Station

We got out this morning to run several errands and then made a stop by the library for story time and a little play time! As we were leaving the house, Brody asked me if he could wear his fireman rain coat. He got this coat when he was 2 and he still loves to wear it around the house even though it’s too small. I decided it was one of those times I should just choose my battles, so I told him it was completely fine if he wanted to wear a too-small rain coat on a perfectly sunny morning! :)

Our little fireman at the library! We got a lot of stares this morning as we walked through the children’s area. I thought it was hilarious!

DSC_0070 (428x640)

Not only did I have the fireman with me, but I also had a child with no shoes. Yes, we somehow left the house with only one shoe on Jillian. I sure wasn’t going to turn around and go home for a shoe, so I just embraced the bare feet and we ran all our errands without shoes today. In the big scheme of things, it didn’t matter! 

DSC_0071 (428x640)

It sure didn’t stop her from having fun!

DSC_0077 (428x640)

Our library is right off of our town square, so I walked the kids to the square in the stroller once we left the library. I tried to get a picture of them together, but as always, it wasn’t as successful as I hoped. There were just too many fun things to look at instead of the camera!

DSC_0081 (640x428)

Big smile from our big boy!

DSC_0088 (640x428)

We left the square and headed back to our car that was parked at the library. One our way back I decided it would be fun to walk past the fire station since Brody was dressed-up like a fireman. The station is only a block from the library, so it was an easy detour on our walk. I thought he might enjoy seeing a station and trucks in the garage area.

The trucks were there so we looked at them from the sidewalk. As I was taking this picture of Brody, the station’s chief came out and introduced himself to Brody. He asked Brody if he wanted to see the trucks up close! (You can tell in this picture how small the sleeves are on the jacket! Ha!)

DSC_0098 (428x640)

Brody LOVED getting to sit in the truck! He asked all kinds of questions about the truck and the station. While we were there, we got to see one of the trucks leave to respond to a medical emergency. Brody thought that was so neat! All the fireman waved to him as they left.

DSC_0100 (428x640)

Before we left, a few of the firemen came out to see Brody. One of them brought out fire hats and badge stickers for both kids. Brody was so excited! We thanked the firemen and they told us to come by anytime! I’m sure we take them up on that offer again soon!

I thought he looked very official with his coat, hat and badge! :)

DSC_0102 (428x640)

It was a great little surprise for all of us this morning! Brody has been asking me all afternoon if I remember his “special day at the fire station”! I am sure it’s a morning he will not forget anytime soon!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!


The Doughmestic Housewife said...

This is too cute! I am delivering cookies to a fire station Friday and this makes me want to take Parker!
We got to Chuck E Cheese last Friday without shoes, it happens to the best of us :)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet that the firemen were so welcoming! love it :)

Linds said...

How neat! Even though those sleeves are short he still looks so cute in it!

Brittany said...

Yesterday when we kept Brycen we got in the car and couldn't find his other shoe. We turned our house upside down and I double checked the wet clothes bag and they were in his swim trunks he took off. We were headed to buy another pair of shoes, but I thought I would check just one more time.

THEN we went to Chuck E Cheese and we are walking out and I look down and he is barefoot. He hid his shoes beside Chuck E Cheese when we weren't looking.

Looks like Brody had a blast!

Julie Rogers said...

LOVE that the coat is too small and he is insistent on wearing it---totally have the same battles here! Just go with it, right? This was probably one of the best days in his life!

Nancy said...

What a fun memory!!
Your babies are so cute. You always take them to do fun things & I love that!