Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunglasses, Snow Cones and Sunday

Friday, the kids and I got out early to run some errands. These two insisted on wearing their sunglasses while we were out! Jillian has Dora sunglasses. I always said my children wouldn’t have anything with characters on them. Never say never! :)


We had to run back home during our morning after I realized Brody had made a huge hole in his jeans! The picture on the left was the before. These jeans are only a couple months old, so that goes to show you how hard this boy is on jeans. The picture on the right is after he made the hole even larger. The pocket was almost hanging out by the time we got home!


We got Brody changed and then headed to meet Preslee and Julee for lunch! They have been at the beach and we had not see them in 2 weeks. I love seeing the 3 of them together!

DSC_0065 (640x428)

Sweet girls!

DSC_0080 (640x428)

We did a lot of things around the house Saturday, but got away from the house for a little while on Saturday night to get our first snow cone of the summer!


Jillian did not like the snow cone. She kept telling us it was too cold.

DSC_0084 (640x428) (640x428)

Hello handsome!

DSC_0086 (640x428) (640x428)

Sunday was spent at church! The boys matched in their seersucker pants and polo shirts.

DSC_0129 (428x640)

Trying to get a good picture of these two is a challenge! This was the best I could get.


This is one of the many outtakes from pictures. She has a little temper!

DSC_0119 (428x640)

Happy Monday!


Linds said...

I always said the same thing about characters with my kids apparel. And B has Spiderman glasses.

So jealous y'all have shave the planet so close. They make the best snow cones EVER!

Lindsey said...

Oh I can relate to the holey jeans. What is it about a tiny hole in the jeans that make boys want to rip it bigger, sticking their hands through them? They just can't leave a little hole in the knee alone. :)
Your children are absolutely precious!

GreenGirl said...

Jillian's hair is getting so long!!!

JESSICA said...

My oldest is 9, and STILL gets holes in his jeans in the exact same spot. I've gone from CP jeans, to Polo, to Levi's, to GAP...all the same issue. So I know for sure it's not the jeans. I'll bet it happens until their teenage years.

I also said NO to character stuff, and NEVER allowed my oldest to wear any of that. I started to compromise with the next two on some pajamas when they could make clothing choices of their own. This way, we both win, and they don't have to leave the house in them. ;)

Such cuties you have...

Ashley said...

When it comes to the characters, it's all in moderation, I've decided. :)

Too funny about the snow cone! I imagine one day her opinion will change! Our Sam's in Bentonville has a snowcone place outside called Sno Ballz/Biz, and they have the softest ice EVER. It melts in your mouth super fast, so it doesn't seem as cold as those with harder ice.

They are too cute in that last picture!