Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Here are few pictures from last weekend! I’m trying to get caught-up on blogging! :)

Friday, we had a playgroup! It’s fun to get 8 little ones to look at the camera!


Saturday morning, we took these cheesy smiles to the Farmers’ Market!


I love spending our Saturday mornings there together! The kids love relaxing in the stroller while we walk around!

DSC_0004 (428x640)

Last Saturday, the Food Network was filming an episode of The Great Food Truck Race during the Farmers’ Market! It was so fun to see all the food trucks around the square.

DSC_0015 (640x428)

They filmed that morning and then went back and filmed again around 3-4am. We were not there for that part of the show! I think the episode from our town will air in a couple of months. I can’t wait to see it!

DSC_0019 (640x428)

The kids played in the sprinkler after we got home that morning! I love watching them have so much fun together!

DSC_0037 (640x428)

Sunday night, we went to the Naturals baseball game! It’s fun having a minor league team playing just a few miles from our house.


Happy girl at the game!


Monday evening, we went to a cookout with our small group!

DSC_0003 (640x428)

I tried to get a picture of the kids in their red, white and blue, but couldn’t get one where they were both smiling.

DSC_0009 (640x428)

Hope you have a great Saturday!


Maryellen said...

Gee I'm so sorry the children don't have any personalities. HAH
My gosh love the smile photo. SO cute. I think you have two special little rascals on your hands. Just precious . . .

I can tell your one busy Mom.

Maydelin said...

love all the photos!!! thanks for sharing

Linds said...

I love their cheesy smiles! They are both so cute!

Nancy said...

They are getting so big!
I want to live in Arkansas! My Dad's family is from a tiny town called Monette, near Jonesboro!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I can only imagine how hard it is getting 8 kiddos to look!