Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend at Home

This was the first weekend since the end of April where all 4 of us were home together for the entire weekend. We were thankful for a little down time!

Friday, the kids and I had a fun day at home. There weather has been nice so I have been running a lot. It’s quite the workout to push 95lbs (35lb stroller with 60lbs of cuteness) while running!! Surely I am burning some serious calories, right? ;) Our run Friday was very adventurous! We were running on a trail by our house and a snake crawled out in front of the stroller. Pretty sure I sprinted the rest of the run! We may be done with the trail until the fall.


Saturday, we went to a birthday party for our friend, Grayson!

DSC_0005 (429x640)

The kids loved the pizza at the party!

DSC_0012 (640x428)

And of course, they loved the adorable cookies that Holly made. Brody told me today that “Parker’s mom was a good cooker.” He loves Holly’s cookies! :)

DSC_0016 (640x428)

The birthday boy and his adorable tractor cake!

DSC_0021 (640x428)

After the party, we hung out and grilled with a few couples from church. Our kids loved this four-wheeler and were so cute riding together!


We went to church Sunday morning! Jillian was such a little ham for pictures!


After lunch, Brody and I met my mom and sister to shop for furniture for  my parents’ house. We kept finding Brody in random places around the store watching a movie on Jill’s phone. My favorite is the picture of him on the pink bed!


Sunday night, our friend Xuan came by to visit! The kids always love when she comes over and Josh and I do as well!

DSC_0025 (640x428)

I hope you all have a great week! This is our last week of MDO and then it’s officially summer at our house!!


Megan said...

Such a fun weekend! I love weekends at home like that! And I'm always impressed that you have time to take pictures before church!!

michelle ellis said...

Fun! I love your dress!

Team Alix said...

Hi Jennifer - What kind of double jogger do you use? I noticed the cup holders and realized that isn't generally an option for joggers but what a great idea! Thanks!-Laura

Karen said...

Where did you get Jillian's striped jumper? It is adorable.

Jennifer said...

Laura-We have a BOB Dullie and we love it!!

Karen- The romper is from JC Penny!

Julie said...

So are you ready to pass out after running with the double??? I have the same with the same ages (almost!) and I am about ready to join a gym because it's EXHAUSTING! It's almost like pushing our body weight while running. What do you think???? But I do LOVE LOVE LOVE our BOB too-it's used almost as much as our car! Glad you had a fun weekend at home!

The Doughmestic Housewife said...

Thank you for the shout out!. I am always assured that if all of my customers quit placing orders you will always be there ordering cookies. Hahahaha.

Maydelin said...

Jillian is such a doll