Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of MDO

Today was the kids last day of Mother’s Day Out for the school year! It’s hard to believe how quickly this school year went by and how much they grew over the past year!

This was taken on the first day of MDO in September…

DSC_0031 (640x428)

And this was today!! 

DSC_0024 (640x428)

11 months old and 20 months old!

DSC_0020 (640x428) DSC_0031 (640x428)

Almost 3 and 3.5!

DSC_0003 (429x640) DSC_0041 (429x640)

Brody and Jillian had such a great year with their wonderful teachers. I am so thankful for these sweet women who taught and cared for our kids each week.

Brody’s teacher sent home a gift for each of her students: sidewalk chalk and suckers! Brody was so excited! She also made DVDs of pictures and videos from their class from the entire school year. It was such a fun surprise and something I will cherish!

DSC_0010 (428x640)

And just because I want to remember…Brody has literally come home about this dirty each day from MDO. I always know it’s been a fun day when we walk in the door and go straight to the bathtub! :)

DSC_0012 (640x428)

It’s officially summer at our house and I’m looking forward to making lots of fun memories with these two cuties this summer!

DSC_0045 (428x640)

Hope you all are having a great week!


Lacy said...

How funny at Brody's feet after MDO's.

They sure have changed. So cute!! Have a fun summer.

Emily said...

They are so adorable!

I saw on your Twitter where your hubby just got back from NYC -- was he there for the webby awards?? That's where mine was -- just thought it would be cool if yours was there too!

Summer said...

Jennifer you are gonna lol but I just asked Shannon Katie's SIL what MDO was, we are so deprived here in WV lol! I am glad to know what ya'll are talking about when you mention it now bwhahahahha! OMG how fun to see how much they have grown! Wow look at Miss Jillian! Her hair is growing and is so so cute, and Brody is a big boy now what a cutie! Can you believe Kelcee just graduated pre-school the other day omg this fall we are gonna have a Kindergartener what?!?! cute the pics of your littles and I wish you the bestest Summer ever!

Nancy said...

They have grown so much!
Time flies while were having fun!! HAPPY SUMMER!!

Ashley said...

Jillian's hair has grown out SO much since the beginning of the year!

Shaunda said...

Oh my word!!! I have been MIA from the blogging world for about a month & your little Jillian has gotten sooooo big! Her hair is like Rapunzel! Ha! And, Brody's "K-Mart feet," as I like to call them are hilarious!