Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bliss Cupcakes

Last night, we went to a soft opening for our friends’ newest cupcake shop! They have had one location in Fayetteville, but they opened a 2nd location today!

Jillian was very excited to get to eat a strawberry cupcake!

DSC_0007 (640x428)

Brody wearing his “Elvis” cupcake all over his mouth!

DSC_0015 (640x428)

Two little cuties on a major sugar high!

DSC_0016 (640x428)

Enjoying cupcakes with their friends, Cilla and Stella! Brody gets their names confused some times and refers to the girls as Stilla…A combination of their names! :)

DSC_0012 (640x428)

If you are local, make sure and stop by their new uptown location for a cupcake!


You will not be disappointed! :)


Summer said...

look how cute your littles are! Jillian looks so cute in her piggies tails! I love her dress is it MJC? I am so addicted to MJC I just bought Kelcee a lot from the new line and bought me a dress to match her ha! Cornball lol! I am glad they had so much fun and congrats to your friend for opening her 2nd shop! So I am asumming that the Elvis cupcake is peanut butter jelly and banana huh lol...sounds yummo to me!


Amy Holmes Hottel said...

I think its the age with the boys names. My little boy is about brody's age and he gets his twin cousins confused and calls them AvaElla. All one word and says it to both of them. Thankful, they dont care.


GreenGirl said...

I am waiting for Rebekah to start shipping those cupcakes! I would love to have one (or 5)!

Sarah Wyland said...

Love how Brody goes with the 'Stilla.' Much easier to remember. Those cupcakes look yummy! I'll be in that part of the world weekend after next for my cousin's graduation - maybe I'll get my family to stop by there!

Ashley said...

What is an Elvis cupcake?? I really need to go here for a belated birthday cupcake!

Superchikk said...

I can't wait to go to Bliss when we're home! Yum!