Monday, April 2, 2012

Gone Fishin’

The boys went to central AR this weekend to go fishing! Josh has been busy working and needed a weekend to relax, so he decided to take Brody fishing while I was busy with some things here at home!


Josh’s dad has several ponds that they fish on! Josh grew up fishing on these ponds with his dad and this weekend he got to take Brody to fish at the ponds for the first time!


Brody’s first fish! His Spiderman rod got quite the workout this weekend! :)


Our proud little fisherman!


Taking a break for lunch!


Josh’s dad and two of the fish they caught! I think they ended up catching 20-25 in the couple of hours they were out there, so it was a successful first fishing trip for Brody!



Jillian and I stayed home this weekend. I helped with a retreat for college girls on Friday night and Saturday morning while Jillian stayed with my parents. We were happy the boys came back home yesterday afternoon! We missed them this weekend!


Susy said...

When did Brody grow up?! He looks like such a big boy in these pics! I can't wait for my little guy to go fishing with his grandfathers! It's something they enjoy, and we've always done as a family! What fun!

Nancy said...

Yay Brody & that big fish!!

Sarah-Anne said...

Fun times...he is so proud of his fish!