Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eve

We had such a great Saturday doing a few fun Easter activities as a family! We started our morning dying Easter eggs with two very excited kids!

DSC_0310 (640x428)

We have dyed Easter eggs every year since Brody’s first Easter, but this was the most fun we have had because Brody enjoyed it so much this year!

DSC_0315 (428x640)

All the pretty eggs! We only did a few because their attention span is only so long.

DSC_0333 (640x428)

That afternoon, we went to a nearby softball park where a local church had a Helicopter Easter Egg Drop.

DSC_0337 (429x640)

Brody loved seeing the helicopter fly so close to us! I held my breath as it flew over our head.

DSC_0367 (429x640)

Watching the chaos of tons of children run for eggs!

DSC_0354 (428x640)

We saw Cilla and her momma there, so we visited with them for a little while!

DSC_0358 (640x428)

After the egg drop, we went to church. Our church had 6 services this weekend (all the same service just 6 different times) and we volunteered at one of the Saturday night services. When we got home from church, I had the kids’ Easter baskets out waiting for them. I have done this on Sunday mornings in the past, but I really liked doing them on Saturday night this year!

DSC_0371 (640x428)

I love this picture of Jillian! She was SO surprised by all of the toys in her basket!

DSC_0377 (428x640)

She got a new baby doll and bottles. Such the little momma already!

DSC_0387 (428x640)

I tried to get a few pictures of Brody and Jillian together in their outfits they wore to the Easter service that night. Brody wanted to give Jillian Kate a kiss while we were taking pictures and she wasn’t to thrilled about it! I just love watching them together!

DSC_0404 (640x428)

Sweet kiddos! I think they both look so big in this picture!

DSC_0406 (429x640)

I hope you all had a great Easter!


Katie said...

They are so big! Love Jillian's dress!

We went to that Easter egg hunt, too. So fun.

Love from Texas said...

The second to last picture is so familar to me... Haha! If Jillian's dress is from SheShe than it's the one I keep wishing I'd gotten one for Hadley. SO cute!

Lauren @ Defrump Me said...

Aahh! What a sweet picture of Jillian seeing her basket!! Beautiful kiddos :-) Happy Easter!

Lauren @ Defrump Me said...

Aahh! What a sweet picture of Jillian seeing her basket!! Beautiful kiddos :-) Happy Easter!

Rachel said...

That picture of Jillian looking at her basket is priceless! I love it :)

Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Too precious! And I love your coral pants! Where did you find them?

Nancy said...

They look adorable! Those eggs are so pretty!

Tara G. said...

My favorite photo is the one with your son squishing sister's face for a smack! Priceless!!

We hand out baskets early, too. Actually, we have a "spring day" on the first day of spring and that's when they're delivered. :)

Mrs. Williams said...

Too cute, love their outfits in the last picture.

Kyndal said...

Such wonderful pictures! I am joining the long list of people in LOVE with Miss Jillian's dress!

Courtney said...

They are getting so big! Too cute!

I love your coral pants! Where di you get them?

Kelly's Avenue said...

Aww cute pictures!!

Happy Easter

Brittney said...

Absolutely gorgeous children!! I too am curious where you purchased your coral pants from...LOVE THEM! I have a pair in coral but they are skinny jeans and not a flair leg.

Dianna said...

Not to depress you but Brody is looking so grown up!!

hannah said...

Where in the world did you get Jillian's dress? It is so cute!