Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Book Bucket

I love children’s books! I also love holiday themed children’s books! Over the past 3 years I have bought a few holiday books for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year, I put out an Easter Book Bucket in our living room with all of the Easter themed books we currently own. The bucket is on our hearth, so the books are within easy reach for Brody and Jillian!

DSC_0330 (428x640)

I have a few books that focus on the real meaning of Easter, which is what I want our children to know and understand! I also marked the Easter story in our Beginner Bible with ribbon, so that Brody and Jillian could easily look at the pictures of the Easter story in this book.

DSC_0334 (640x428)

I also included these Easter books as well!

DSC_0335 (640x428)

I’m hoping this will be something fun for them to enjoy this week as we look forward to celebrating Easter this weekend!

And just for fun…this is our reality! I walked past the bucket this morning to find that a certain little boy in our house had taken off his CARS underwear and put it in the book bucket! :) Never a dull moment! Ha!

DSC_0337 (428x640)

I would love to know if you or your kids have any favorite Easter books that we should add to our collection!


Sarah-Anne said...

Too fun! What a clever idea!!

Melissa said...

We have buckets for each of the holidays as well that are filled with our favorite stories. I just posted about our special Easter traditions (including books) but three of our favorites are My Day with Jesus, The Berenstain Bears & the Easter Story and What is Easter?. All three of those books are super cute but also tell the true Easter story. Happy Reading!

Alli said...

We don't have a particular Easter favorite but we LOVE "Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving". So cute!!!

Happy Easter!

Linds said...

We have a board book that my MIL got for Brayden when he was little that's called "The Story of Easter". It's very simple, but both kids love it. I still can't do paper books here-- BOTH of my boys will rip the pages out so they don't last long :/

The Mommy said...

The Parable of the Lily is a good one! I just read it in a bookstore last week and it brought me to tears! I want to add it to my girls' library!

Tara G. said...

I keep a seasonal basket out all year, too, and my kids don't ever seem to tire of it. Liz Curtis Higgs has a great 4-book series using parables: The Parable of the Lily is the Easter book and there is one fore each season. Your little girl might enjoy Miss Pattycake- she has a lot of videos, but there is one for Easter which uses the Resurrection Eggs (you can buy them from Family Life or other stores). Benjamin's Box could also be used with a set of the eggs. The Three Trees. We also have a memory game called The First Easter. Oriental Trading Co. used to have a felt board with pieces to tell the Easter story; I had purchased several felt boards for various holidays and my kids really enjoy it. Noel Piper has a great book called Treasuring God in Our Traditions- you might find some great ideas there, too.