Monday, March 19, 2012

The Weekend I Left My Camera at Home

We got about 10 miles away from our house when I realized that I had forgotten to bring my camera with me on our trip to central AR for the night! I feel like our lives are only documented on my iPhone these days, but I can’t seem to remember my camera when I leave the house!

Our weekend was full an {early} birthday celebration with Josh’s parents!



A date with Josh to the wedding of one of my precious college friends! And a trip back to Fayetteville later that night. A trip in which our precious daughter screamed for an hour straight. That girl hates being confined in a car seat!


A fun candy themed first birthday party for our friend, Finley!

DSC_0005 (640x428)

Jillian spent half the party begging for jelly beans and attempting to grab a few off of the table and sneak away with them!

DSC_0012 (428x640)

The face of victory after she finally got a few in her mouth! :)

DSC_0010 (428x640)

It’s spring break here this week! I’m excited about a week with no activities and a little extra time with my two cuties! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Whitney said...

What a fun weekend! I did the same thing with my camera this weekend, too! UGH! Happy Birthday to Josh!! I'll never forget his birthday, ha!

Hope y'all have been well! Miss you!

Sarah-Anne said...

Fun times...the iPhone is the phone to go with if you're going to forget your camera; it's picture quality is amazing!

All Things Cherish said...

Wow, what a candy buffet! Love your dress!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture is TOO cute!!

kimmie said...

I love your dress and I love the last pic of Jillian...too cute!!!

nicole@ said...

i would be begging for all the candy as well. SOunds like a great weekend!