Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things I’m Loving This Week…

Watching these two walk/stroll through the mall holding hands!


Easter candy…specifically Cadbury Mini Eggs. These may or may not already be gone after only 3 days. Brody seems to love them more than Josh and me! :)


Fun new tunics from Riffraff! I wore one this week since it’s been so warm!



Evening walks with my 3 favorite people! We walked for an hour last night and the kids loved it!

DSC_0317 (556x640)

Getting to eat lots of meals outside this week since it has been so nice!


Shoe shopping for a certain little girl who was seriously needing some new spring and summer shoes! I’ve had a hard time finding shoes that are her size. I went to 3 Targets with no luck. I love these little squeakers and I’m sure everyone will appreciate that she still squeaks everywhere she goes! :)


Keeping this plant alive for 3 days! Sadly, that’s a pretty good record. I am just so busy that I forget to water plants and put them out so they can get sunlight. Maybe this one will last! :)

DSC_0310 (428x640)

Sidewalk chalk drawings by Brody and Jillian!

DSC_0308 (428x640)

And lastly, having one of my post featured on BlogHer today! Click here to check it out!

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Hope you have great day!


Jaime said...

I am addicted to those mini eggs! They are my all time favorite candy. I am lucky I can only get them at Easter or I may weigh 500 pounds! Love the BOB stroller too! We have the exact same one and running with it adds a whole new level to working out.

The Howell's said...

LOVE cute squeaker shoes, but I always take the squeaker out! ;)

Niki said...

And... Now I have to go buy some mini eggs.

Stephanie said...

Love love love those eggs. I'm trying to refrain myself from buying any. Oh and love her shoes especially the white ones with bows. Where'd you end up getting them? I would love to get Emma a pair of those.

{katrina} said...

Easter Candy is my total and utter weakness! I love it all!

J's new shoes are adorable! You can always take the little circle part out and you won't have squeaks! :)

So glad that Spring is here!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

So sweet! I take out the squeaker too. Walking for an hour sounds wonderful. I love this time of year.

Karen At Home said...

Such a sweet post, glad you all are enjoying the beautiful weather!

Kelly said...

You know you can take the squeakers out??? :-)
I only buy squeaker shoes for both my girls. I think it's funny that size 9 shoes for a 3/4 year old come with squeakers but they are my favorite. I just always take out the squeakers so they won't drive me nuts!
I can't keep plants alive either. I feel good just keeping two little humans alive.

The Thomas Family said...

Squeakers are so cute! We love them and oh my lands you can take the squeaker out??! Really?

Love the hand holding!

Laurie Sublime said...

Your family is truly precious! And congrats on your BlogHer feature - awesome!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

Cute shoes! Where did you order them from? I am having a hard time finding squeaky shoes for my one year old who wears a size 2

Sarah-Anne said...

Such great things to be excited about! Congrats on the BlogHer feature!