Thursday, March 8, 2012

18 Month Check-up and an Echocardiogram

Yesterday, I took Jillian for her 18 month check-up! It’s hard to believe our baby girl will be 18 months old next week!

DSC_0177 (640x428)

She stayed entertained in the waiting room by looking through pictures on my iPhone!

DSC_0183 (428x640)

Jillian had a great appointment! She is growing well physically and on track developmentally!

DSC_0187 (640x428)

Her stats for this appointment:

Weight: 24lbs-50th percentile

Height: 31 inches-50th percentile

Head circumference: 18.5 inches- 75the percentile

I talked to the doctor yesterday (who happens to be a sweet friend of mine) and told her about some symptoms we have been noticing with Jillian over the last few months. Our doctor, along with Josh and I, thought it would be best to have Jillian’s heart tested mainly for peace of mind, but also to rule out any heart issues. We were referred to the Centers for Children in our area. This clinic is a regional clinic that has physicians that travel from Arkansas Children’s Hospital weekly to see patients. We were told we should get an appointment with the clinic by the end of the month. They called this morning to let us know that they could actually fit us into their schedule today! We went in this afternoon for an echocardiogram.

Here is our brave girl during the test. It lasted about 45 minutes. 

IMG_3928 (1)

The images from the test were immediately sent to a cardiologist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and we should know the results of the test tomorrow or Monday. We feel confident that everything looked normal and that our girl is perfectly healthy.

We are thankful for a great check-up yesterday and thankful for our sweet little girl that we love so much!


Katie said...

45 minutes is a long time for an 18 mo. old! Way to go Jillian! Praying for good news.

Lacy said...

What a sweet and pretty little girl.. I will keep y'all in my prayers.. I hope the results are good.. :)

Kimberley said...

we take our levi, who's 20mos, to have his echos there too. all the drs we've worked with are great! she looks so relaxed. levi, not so much :) praying all is well with jillian!

Melissa said...

The outfit she wore to her doctor's appt is adorable!

I know that it's tough to see your baby go through medical procedures/tests and that the wait is excruciating! Praying for peace and definitive results for y'all!

Amanda said...

do you mind sharing what symptoms she was having?

Randi said...

praying for positive results!! she's so adorable!

Kyndal said...

Praying for your little sweetheart! Look forward to hearing nothing but positive results.
P.S. She looks so much like her big brother in that last picture!

Sarah-Anne said...

18 months?! when did this happen? she was just born! ;)
praying her echo results come back OK!

Faith said...

Praying for your precious girl and a great report!