Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Saturday, Jillian and I went to a baby shower for Melissa and her sweet baby boy, Crew! Before we left the house, Brody wanted a picture with us. This picture makes me laugh because both of them were smiling at themselves in the mirror that was next to us! Ha!


Me, Kelly, Ashley and Melissa- The shower was SO cute and so fun! Crew is one very loved little boy already!

DSC_0191 (640x428) (2)

Jillian was very enteratined at the shower by this very girly playroom!


While we were at the shower, Brody and Josh went to eat with my parents, my aunt and uncle and several of our family friends who were up from Benton for the Razorback basketball game Saturday.

423241_222150637881014_100002582389626_405592_1961337500_n (1)

Saturday night we were wild and crazy and stayed home, ate, and caught-up on laundry! :)

Sunday, went to church! I thought Brody looked so handsome in his sweater vest.

IMG_6308 (478x640)

Sunday afternoon, Josh and I met my parents and a couple of their friends to watch the Hogs play baseball! We got a babysitter for the kids so that they could stay home and take naps!


We had such a great time! We never go on afternoon dates, but it was fun to be out together in the afternoon alone!

IMG_8276 (478x640)

Sunday night, we met several families and couples from church at a local restaurant to celebrate the birthday of my sweet friend and pledge sister, Emily! Emily’s parents threw a fun party with lots of pizza and cake! Here are a picture of a few us girls that were there to celebrate!

Marci, Rachel, Emily, Jill and Me

DSC_0193 (640x428)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Sounds like a great weekend! The picture of them looking in the mirror is so funny! Lilly loves watching herself in the mirror too. (: Oh, and Brody looks like a stud in those church clothes.

Karen At Home said...

What a great weekend you had!! I love the picture of them in the mirror! I can not get over the fact that you went to a baseball game in the middle of Feb! Wow!!! We still have two more months until the Indians play. So awesome to see a sign of Spring!!

Brittany said...

that first photo of them smiling in the mirror makde me laugh too! esp j, her smile was huge!